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KS4 Maths Resources - Painting with Numbers

In this series of videos for KS4 Maths, mathematician Marcus du Sautoy combines visual demonstrations with his unique gift for explanation.

Marcus explains concepts behind mathematical codes and statistics, making them interesting and accessible to students.

Patterns in Nature

  • Marcus du Sautoy reveals how mathematics lies behind everything from the number of petals on a flower to the head on a pint of beer.

Zero to Infinity

  • Marcus du Sautoy takes us on a tour of the mathematical universe - from zero to infinity - and shows us how weird and wonderful numbers can be.

Safety in Numbers

  • Marcus du Sautoy delves into the fascinating world of mathematical codes and shows us how modern technology relies on them to let us communicate quickly, effectively and safely.

Lucky Numbers

  • Marcus du Sautoy explains how maths can help us choose the best cat food, pick our lottery numbers and even prevent miscarriages of justice.

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