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Secondary Maths Lesson Ideas

Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons in this collection of videos for KS3 and KS4 Maths.

Covering a variety of Maths topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.

Measuring and Calculating

Secondary Maths - How Many Peas Fill the Classroom?

  • This fun and active Maths lesson for Key Stage 3 students involves measuring, estimating and calculating, and contains a great lesson idea for use in lesson planning.

Secondary Maths - Accuracy of Measurements

  • The imaginative use of non-standard measuring tools gets Year 8 pupils to think about how accurate measurements actually are.

Statistics and Data

Secondary Maths - Straight-line Graphs

  • Year 9 pupils learn about graphs and their gradients by creating living straight-line graphs in their classroom.


Secondary Maths - Collaborative Memory

  • A simple ‘memory’ game gets Year 8 pupils working together to explore equations.

GCSE Maths - Algebra Carousel

  • A KS4 Maths algebra revision lesson that enables students to share their different methods in solving mathematical problems.

Problem Solving

Secondary Maths - Fibonacci Numbers

  • Year 7 pupils work as a team as they investigate Fibonacci numbers.

Maths Project Ideas

GCSE Maths - The Jet Setters Project

  • A KS4 Maths project over five lessons, demonstrating to students how to apply their mathematical knowledge to planning a trip abroad.

GCSE Maths - Team Challenge

  • A KS4 GCSE Maths revision lesson that is used as a means of assessing students’ understanding of a recently completed module of work.

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