Teachers TV video collection - Secondary PSHE - Money and careers

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Secondary PSHE Resources - Money and Careers

Use this collection of resources with KS3 and KS4 PSHE classes.

The videos give an insight into the topics of money management, careers and the workplace and can be used to spark discussion and give ideas for further projects.


Secondary PSHE - Work

  • Teens reveal their opinions on money, work, self-employment, redundancy, debt and discrimination in short clips to stimulate discussion in the classroom.

Secondary PSHE - Why Do We Work?

  • Teens reveal their opinions on work.

Secondary PSHE - Self-Employment

  • Teens reveal their opinions on self-employment.

Secondary PSHE - Business

  • Teens reveal their opinions on business.

Careers: Mountaineer

  • A physical geographer who climbed Everest talks about her trip in this short video made for use in secondary PSHE.

Careers: Polar Explorer

  • A polar explorer talks about his expeditions in this video resource designed for use in secondary PSHE lessons.

Careers: Rocket Scientist

  • Rocket scientist discusses her career for KS3/KS4 PSHE or science.

Workplace issues

Secondary PSHE - Discrimination

  • Discrimination in the workplace - who is discriminated against, and why? What experiences have these teens had of discrimination?

Secondary PSHE - Redundancy

  • Redundancy - what happens to people when they lose their job? How might they feel, what can they do?

Money Management

Secondary PSHE - Money

  • Teens reveal their opinions on money.

Secondary PSHE Resources - Physical and Emotional Issues

Secondary PSHE Resources - Bullying

Secondary PSHE Resources - Lifestyle and Choices

Secondary PSHE Resources - Sex and Relationship Education


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