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Stem Cells: Wheelchair User

  • A young sportsman who is a paraplegic explains some of the issues surrounding the use of stem cells in this video for secondary science students.

Stem Cells: Religious Angle

  • A pastor talks about the religious debate about stem cell research in this video for secondary science students.


Ecosystems: Antarctica

  • An overview of the Antarctic world.

Ecosystems: Pros and Cons of Research

  • Presenting the arguments for and against scientists travelling to the remote Antarctic continent.

Ecosystems: Holes in Glaciers

  • Should we be worrying about holes in Antarctica’s glaciers?

Ecosystems: Tourism

  • Should tourists be allowed to visit Antarctica?

Ecosystems: Exploitation

  • The potential threat to Antarctica from industrial exploitation.



  • From microscopic dancing bugs, to a journey from the toilet to a sewage works, we bring you five demonstrations of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bugs at work.

Micro-organisms under the Sea

  • Join an international team of marine biologists on an Arctic Ocean expedition, and in their labs, as they search for new species of micro-organisms which live on the ocean floor.


Micro-organisms in Space

  • Micro-organisms may provide life support essentials on a mission to Mars. Via a NASA communication link-up, Inside Science chats with astronauts in orbit about space travel and micro-organisms.

Environment and sustainability

Green World

  • From organic farming to paper recycling, we bring you five demonstrations of how plants adapt to their environment, and how essential they are to our lives - for use with students in the classroom.

Secondary Science Lesson Ideas

  • Ideas on how to use these resources

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