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KS3 & KS4 Classroom Resources - Chemistry

This collection of classroom resources covers a range of KS3 and KS4 Chemistry topics.


How Stuff Changes

  • From the Hindu festival of Dessehra to a kitchen in Chinatown, we bring you five demonstrations of non-reversible changes resulting in new materials.

What Stuff Does

  • We blast rock in a quarry, see ice sculptures made and melting and water changing state. Then using animation, we take a close look at a rainy day and investigate gases expanding balloons.

Materials: The Secrets of Spider Silk

  • Secrets of Spider Silk is a fascinating exploration of the properties of a super-material found in nature which has presented scientists with a challenge to synthesize.


Periodic Table: Ferocious Elements

  • Which elements are the most reactive? Can we use the Periodic Table to predict? Ferocious Elements places the elements in context with some exciting reactions rarely seen on TV.

Demonstrating Chemistry: Exciting Elements

  • Follow a science teacher as she gets expert advice on how to demonstrate spectacular reactions from Groups 1 and 7 of the Periodic Table safely and effectively.

Energy Resources

The Geological Mappers

  • Inside Science spends a week with the British Geological Survey Team as they hop into 4x4s and navigate treacherous sand dunes to produce a geological map of the entire United Arab Emirates.

Using Chemistry

Chemistry in Forensics

  • Inside Science meets two of the UK’s top forensic scientists, who explain the chemistry behind forensic testing which has helped resolve two of the UK’s most notorious recent murder investigations.

Secondary Science Lesson Ideas

  • Ideas on how to use these resources

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