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KS3 & KS4 Classroom Resources - Physics

This collection of classroom resources covers a range of KS3 and KS4 Physics topics.

Force and Motion


  • A look at what forces are, what they do and how they can be measured. This resources uses skateboarders to look at friction and gravity.


Light Show

  • Five remarkable demonstrations of the properties of light, for use in the classroom to inspire pupils.


Build your own Nuclear Reactor

  • If you want to solve the world’s energy needs, why not get your mates together and build your very own nuclear power plant?

The Challenge of Solar Power

  • To use energy from the sun to provide all the world’s electricity needs is a visionary concept. What are the obstacles to the concept’s success?

Earth and Space

Maggie - Reaching for the Stars

  • Follow Dr. Maggie Aderin on her journey to SALT telescope in South Africa and find out how she overcame learning difficulties to become a leading rocket scientist.

Models of the Solar System - Earth, Sun and Moon

  • Physics teacher and solar astronomer Simon Foster explores how we developed our understanding of the universe.

The Solar System - Planets, Asteroids and Comets

  • Introducing students to the wonders of the universe, especially planets, asteroids and comets.n

The Sun and Stars

  • Aimed at introducing students to the universe, with a focus on the sun and the stars.

Our Universe and the Big Bang

  • This resources intorduces students to the universe, its size and its origin.

Our Universe and the Big Bang - Classroom Demonstration - Redshift

  • Students take an active role in this demonstration on light waves to show the Doppler effect in this video for KS3/4 physics lessons.

Secondary Science Lesson Ideas

  • Ideas on how to use these resources

KS3 Lesson Starters - Physics: Sound

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