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July 2012

Monday 23rd

Fordism drives in

  • (1903) A two-cylinder Model A is the first Ford car produced and sold, ushering in ‘Fordism’. Get students pitching Henry Ford’s business ideas in allenk’s Apprentice-style activity.
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Tuesday 24th

Top spokes man

  • (2005) American road-racing cyclist Lance Armstrong wins his seventh consecutive Tour de France – a world record. Try clairewillsmum’s handout for a lesson in French Tour de France logic.
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Wensday 25th

Simple twist of fate

  • (1965) Bob Dylan walks on stage at the Newport Folk Festival, plugs in his Fender Stratocaster and changes the face of live music for ever. Explore modern band instruments with tbeare606’s resource pack.
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Thursday 26th

Castro’s Cuba

  • (1953) Movimiento 26 Julio — a failed attack gives its name to the Fidel Castro-led organisation that overthrew the Batista regime. Explore what happened under Castro with timjohnson100’s Cuban missile crisis enquiry lesson.
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The art of darkness

  • (1890) Despairing Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh shoots himself and dies two days later penniless. For a cross-curricular project on van Gogh try KW3160’s art and French topic.

Saturday 28th

Games of the XXX Olympiad

  • London 2012 begins and an estimated 1 million visitors will descend on the capital every day. Whatever your subject, take a look at the TES London 2012 collection for sporting inspiration.

Sunday 29th

Planetary sweet and sour

  • (2005) The discovery of dwarf planet Eris is announced, leading to the recategorisation of Pluto and ending teaching about the nine planets of the Milky Way. Read Science in school’s article
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