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These videos and materials have been shared with the teaching community by TES Resources content partner TrueTube. They cover a wide range of citizenship topics and issues, in useful clips and interviews which are excellent ways for promoting discussion and raising awareness.


Work and employment

Work is a trap - success or happiness

  • A young person uncertain about how to find work, interviews a range of people about their work - what they wanted to be and what they’ve ended up doing.

Work is a trap - shameless generation

  • People are interviewed about their attitudes to the dole. Few, if any, have any idea how much benefit people receive.

Work is a trap - money Vs ethics

  • Two people from very different jobs and with very different attitudes, talk about work and job satisfaction.

Work is a trap - degree Vs training

  • Kevin who works as a TV producer went straight into employment, whereas Sharon went to university first. They talk about the pros and cons of each route.

Work is trap - extreme jobs

  • Space Scientist, Dr Maggie Anderin-Pocock talks about being inspired by space at the age of six. She describes her job, the variety and why she loves it.


Issues in community, society and the Olympics

Community and society - Miranda and Olivia on gangs

  • Two teenage girls give their opinion on gangs. Rather strident, unrestrained personal view - contentious!

Community and society - cycle hero

  • The world needs a new breed Of hero. Are you up to the challenge? Comprises emotive images and music that makes cycling look extremely trendy.

Community and society - The Olympics are coming

  • Five Star Films took the approach of two local protagonists with different opinions on the impact of the Olympics.

Community and society - Our Demands

  • Newham Young Star’s film posed lots of questions about the Olympics in a very creative way before stating their own demands as the local youth.

Community and society - What do you know about the Olympics?

  • The A Cast asked “What do you know about the Olympics?” They took a list of basic questions on to the streets of Newham and asked what, where, and how long are the Olympics.

Community and society - Who will win the race?

  • Knock Knock productions look at who can benefit from the Olympics coming to London - from corporate business to the media and the government.

Community and society - will the Olympics unite or divide?

  • Team Exposure each took on an issue important to them and their community - From crime to regeneration to pride.


Real stories

Community and society - Real Story MC Skitzo

Community and society - Real Story Shaun Bailey

Community and society - Real Story Letarnia


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