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Secondary Maths - Algebra

Teaching Algebra can be like a walking through a minefield - potentially lethal and not a great deal of fun. Often students have misconceptions or preconceived thoughts and ideas about the subject which can be damaging to their long term algebraic health. Hopefully this batch of resources will help make things a little better, offering interesting and original ways of delivering the subject to help your students see that Algebra is not all that bad and it might even be… whisper this… quite good fun

10 top class resources

Algebra Simplifying Trail

  • A fun Treasure Hunt to get your students on their feet and understanding the mysterious world of Algebra.

Algebra Countdown

  • What could be better than the Numbers Game on Countdown?… the answer of course is the Numbers Game but with a nice bit of Algebra thrown in!

Equivalent Expressions - Dissecting Shapes

  • An interesting way of looking at the equivalence of algebraic expressions by linking them to the area of compound shapes. Covers two tricky topics for the price of one!

Collective Memory - Simplifying Expressions

  • A Collective Memory activity to test your students’ skills of simplifying expressions and to see how well they can work together. Will anybody spot the deliberate mistake???

Curved Graph Quiz

  • A lovely little match up activity to see if students understand about the shapes of lines and curves. It could be followed up by some work on Autograph.

Substitution Game

  • Top Trumps seem to have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, but this is the first time I’ve seen them with Algebra involved! Your students will need to be experts at substitution to win these battles.

Algebra Quizzes

  • These quizzes are excellent to use as starters to recap important algebraic concepts and uncover any nasty lingering misconceptions!

Solving Equations (Higher)

  • One resource that covers all the level 6, 7 and 8 work on solving equations, and because of the clever way it has been designed, there are an infinite number of questions at your disposal!

Egyptian Graph Dancing

  • What better way to learn about the transformations of graph than through the medium of dance! A brilliant, fun resource.

Proof Jigsaws

  • Proof is one of the hardest topics for students to get to grips with, but this set of jigsaws might just give them the help they need.