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Primary History - Ancient Greece

In this collection you will find superb resources, shared by our generous contributors, to teach a topic on Ancient Greece. Browse the full unit plans, set the scene using maps, share Greek myths with powerpoints, play Greek Gods Top Trumps and even solve a murder mystery!

Plans and introductory resources

Ancient Greek timeline

  • To place your topic in context, use this timeline from Ancient Greece through to the modern day.

Maps of Greece

  • Maps for pupils to locate places associated with Ancient Greece.

Map of Europe

  • A blank map for pupils to locate places linked to Ancient Greeks topic.

Ancient Greece scheme of work and resources

  • Plans and a multitude of resources for an Ancient Greece unit, aimed at Year 6.

Ancient Greeks six week plan

  • Six weeks of planning for the Ancient Greeks aimed at year 5. Could be adapted to other year groups.

Ancient Greece unit of work

  • Aimed at Year 5/6, with subject links to History, Geography, Art, DT, ICT, PE and English.

Cross curricular - Ancient Greece

  • Plans aimed at Year 5, including RE, theatre, education and wars.


Myths and gods

Ancient Greek myths

  • In this lesson on the Greek myths, the children used stories as a starting point for historical research, and gained an understanding that the past can be represented and interpreted in different ways.

Theseus and the Minotaur

  • These year 5/6 lessons were planned around interpretations of history, incorporating myths and legends for a cross-curricular approach.

Theseus and the Minotaur PowerPoint

  • A PowerPoint telling the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Useful for an Ancient Greece topic and for ICT to show how to create digital stories.

Greek Gods powerpoint

  • Very simple powerpoint, aimed at SEN pupils, introducing main Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, showing a picture for each and their ‘symbol’. Simple ‘guess the gods’ quiz at the end.

Greek figures Top Trumps

  • Top Trump-style cards with space for pupils to illustrate each one before playing as a game.

Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head

  • A short version of the story, told in rhyming couplets, ideal for a school performance.

Perseus and the Gorgon

  • A simple version of the myth with pictures, to show as a powerpoint presentation or to laminate for a wall display.



The Iliad (Year 4/5)

  • The aims of this lesson are to develop an understanding of the weapons and tactics used in ancient Greek warfare; and to be able to read and understand a challenging text and extract information from it.


  • Information on Ancient Greek warfare, which also makes a useful text for guided reading.

Sparta v Athens

  • Sorting statements for use in English and history. In pairs, the pupils work out which statement was correct for either Athens or Sparta.

Athens v Sparta PowerPoint

  • A PowerPoint showing the key similarities and differences between the two main cities in Ancient Greece. Ideal as an opener to the lesson, it also includes a task at the end.

Ancient Greeks activity sheets

  • Covers lesson for comparing Athens and Sparta, The Olympics and the Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis.

Olympic Games

Olympic Games

  • A lesson on the origin of Olympic games, building on work on Greek ideas about heroes.

Olympic Games

  • A worksheet for pupils to fill in after researching the Olympic Games.

Culture and Society

Ancient Greece murder mystery

  • This is a murder mystery set in Ancient Greece, with video and paper-based evidence, to provide an engaging and unusual lesson.

Ancient Greek Government

  • These two linked lessons look at democracy and government.

Night at the Museum - Ancient Greece

  • A fun, interactive investigation based on the children’s film Night at the Museum. Can be used to help children’s teamwork skills and investigation skills in both History and Art.

Greek theatre

  • A picture of different parts of a Greek theatre with a labelling and cloze activity - aimed at lower attainers.

Ancient Greece wordsearch

  • A simple wordsearch based on Ancient Greece - ideal for homework, at the end of the lesson or simply as a bit of fun!

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