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Primary Art - Building and architecture

The built environment is an important aspect of landscape study and for children to understand the design elements of public spaces and of private dwellings. These resources can link Art to D&T, History and/or Geography in cross-curricular topics. If you have Primary Art resources on this topic you would like to add to this collection email resources@tes.co.uk

English Heritage, together with their partners Engaging Places, have superb resources for looking at buildings, past and present, including wonderful image banks and activity ideas:

Art and Design teacher’s kit

  • Ways in which you can use historical buildings to support Art and Design lessons.

A Brief Timeline of English Buildings

  • An interactive timeline to show how buildings in England have changed over the last 1000 years.

Victorian houses

  • Images of rural and urban Victorian houses, with a link to a learning bank, to search by period or type of building.

Victorian buildings

  • Images of Victorian public buildings, with a link to a webpage with further useful images.

1930s-1940s buildings - images

  • Buildings from the 1930s and 40s, which reflect the era’s architectural styles and social thinking.

Beauty and the school building

  • A lesson plan and bank of images of school buildings, designed to generate discussion about beauty in relation to the built environment.

Wrap a building!

  • Activity ideas to get your pupils thinking about shape or the work of the artist, Christo.

St Pancras station: classroom inspiration

  • Use St Pancras station in London to inspire a range of different subjects. The website contains background information as well as activity ideas.


  • A brilliant online resource which encourages children to explore architecture.


  • A Powerpoint presentation of a variety of buildings from different cultures, to inspire an art project on architecture.

Festival of Britain Architecture

  • Children look at Festival of Britain architecture, especially the Skylon and Dome of Discovery.

My Square Mile

  • A project from NGfL Cymru to encourage the use of the local built environment as an educational resource, exploring relationships between buildings, space and people to develop design awareness.

Art - building shapes (KS1)

  • A lesson to look at some of the shapes found in buildings. Pupils could then use the shapes identified to design their own building. /li>

Tate Kids - Build your Own House

  • Taking inspiration from artist Michael Landy, pupils create houses that represent aspects of themselves.

Urban spaces cross-curricular work: Art & Design

  • Lessons that study public open spaces, that can easily link to history/geography.

What were Tudor houses made from?

  • Posters and banners for display, plus a template to make a Tudor house.

QDCA – Unit 1C Can buildings speak?

  • Six lessons from the QDCA KS1 scheme of work, exploring buildings.

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