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Primary Art - Artists and Art Movements

Save time on your preparation by using these fantastic resources, all shared on the TES Resources site. You’ll find images, subject information and lesson ideas on various popular artists and also on the styles they worked in. If you have Primary Art resources on this topic you would like to add to this collection email resources@tes.co.uk

Specific Artists


  • An introduction to the artist and his works, including how he listened to Wagner while he painted.

Gaudi - Mosaic

  • Images of mosaics by Gaudi to inspire pupils to design their own mosaics.

Alberto Giacometti

  • Aimed at Y1, this lesson uses PE and drama as a starting point before children make their own sculpture of an ‘action’ in the style of the artist.

William Morris

  • Examples of his work.


  • A video of his portraits, which morph from one to another.


  • Colour pictures to show the different styles in which Picasso painted, to share with the children in a discussion or as inspiration for the children’s own pieces of work.

Guiseppe Arcimboldo

  • A PowerPoint aimed at Y2 with information about his life and work, followed by some ideas and points for discussion.

Famous Artists

  • Some basic information about the artists Picasso, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Andy Goldsworthy

  • Powerpoint of some of the environmental artist’s work, with questions to prompt children to think about the images.

Henri Rousseau

  • Images of his paintings.


  • A Collage worksheet, with detailed teacher’s notes.

Artists and works of art

  • Artists and works of art split by popular art themes.

21st Century Artists

  • Modern artists, all currently active, with examples of their work and quotations.

Art movements and techniques

Environmental Art

  • A booklet of simple environmental art projects to stimulate and develop observation, imagination and creativity.

Pop Art

  • With examples of artists and their works. Pop Art is ideal for combining with ICT due to the look and techniques of the paintings, e.g. using block colours and replacing colours.

Pop Art - Andy Warhol

  • Information about Andy Warhol and ideas for producing prints in his style.

Doing a portrait using four art techniques

  • Producing a portrait using Impressionism, Pop Art, Fauve Art and Pointillism. A booklet to work through with a PowerPoint.

Collage as a technique

  • Information on collage technique using different materials and media. The accompanying PowerPoints show examples of the techniques being used by school pupils and examples of artists’ work.

Still Life

  • An introduction to still life, with a range of artists and explaining the terminology.

Graffiti History

  • An excellent PowerPoint of the history of graffiti, from Roman times through to Banksy.


  • An introduction to photomontage as an artform. Developed for KS3 but the ideas can easily be adapted for Primary if the pupils cut out and mount their images instead of using Photoshop!

1950’s Art

  • A lesson plan looking at sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, with a view to children making their own sculptures with title and description.


  • Examples of work in this style.

Animal Art

  • This KS2 activity explores how animals in art can represent human qualities. Pupils explore animal meanings from different cultures and create an artwork based on positive and negative space.


  • A PowerPoint to introduce the topic, with examples of different styles to discuss and inspire.


  • Powerpoint of a range of portraits with questions to prompt children to look at detail, draw comparisons and use thinking skills.

How to draw a Self-Portrait

  • A short presentation showing Key Stage 1 pupils how to draw a self-portrait.

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