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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

I stumbled upon this wonderful set of resources whilst I was trying to put together a series of last minute revision lessons for a C-D borderline GCSE intervention group. I wanted a quick and efficient way of revising the most important topics to ensure the students had the key skills in place, but I wanted to avoid using textbooks or worksheets as these students were already quite disaffected and low on confidence. This set of Bingo resources was exactly what I was looking for.

The format is simple. Students have to put together a grid of numbers from an initial selection, and then each time an answer to a question matches one of their numbers, they tick it off. It amazed me how simply adding this little competitive twist meant that my bunch of lethargic 16 year olds were suddenly attentive and eager to win.

What is most impressive is the careful selection of the questions – perfect for assessing and consolidating understanding and unearthing any worrying misconceptions – and also the breadth of the coverage. Nearly every topic I wanted was there. And because the resources are written in PowerPoint, I could edit them to suit my needs.

Here is a brief introduction from one of the authors of the Collection, Zebfreidman:

“These Bingo resources have been developed over time by many teachers over the past five years. They are both flexible and adaptable for any maths topic. We have used them for starters, plenaries and for revision. I have, in the past, given students the outline of a Bingo PowerPoint and got them to develop the questions for the rest of the class.”

I hope you and your students find them as useful as we did!

The Resources:

Algebra Bingo

  • Includes co-ordinates, expanding brackets and solving a variety of equations.

nth term Bingo

  • Linear sequences are sorted here!

Shape Bingo

  • Includes angles, area, perimeter and volume.

Statistics Bingo

  • Includes averages and probability.

Number Bingo

  • Key arithmetic skills and the four operations are covered here.

Ratio Bingo

  • Covers key concepts of ratio and direct proportion.

More Number Bingo

  • Includes powers, indices, primes and factors.

Number Bingo

  • Covers the big three of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

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