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Secondary Science - A-level Biology

Secondary Science - AS Biology produced by Richard Spencer

This is a collection or revision and review activities produced for teaching of AS Biology, covering a range of topics for OCR AS Biology, but which can be adapted for AS Biology topics for other exam boards.

I Am A Biochemical Test

  • A circle activity to review biochemical tests for sugars, starch, proteins and lipids.

Biological Molecules Bingo

  • Revision activity to review knowledge of biological molecules.

Enzyme Blockbusters

  • Revision game to review key terminology about enzymes.

Enzyme Crossword

  • Crossword on enzymes, including clues, blank crossword and solution.

Enzyme Card Loop

  • Card Loop for AS Topic on Enzymes.

Enzyme Dialogue

  • Review activity to summarise key words and phrases related to enzymes.

Cell Membranes “Wheel of Fortune”

  • Review activity on the Fluid Mosaic Model of cell membrane structure.

Cell Transport Across Membranes Quiz

  • Quiz about different types of transport across cell membranes - tick or cross activity

Cell Membrane Challenge

  • Group challenge activity to draw and label Fluid Mosaic Model of cell membrane structure

It Had to be U - Uracil U

  • Song about the difference in nucleotide composition of mRNA versus DNA, including transcription

Nucleic Acids: What’s The Question?

  • Activity challenging students to create questions to given answers.

Mixed Up Mitosis

  • eLearning activity in which students sequence the stages of mitosis.

Size Calculations: I Am What I Am

  • Song about how to calculate sizes of organelles or magnification from given information.

The Heart Song

  • Web link to a video about the structure of the heart (on the o2 learn website)

Evolution Speed Dating

  • Starter or plenary activity in which students quiz each other about their knowledge of key concepts in evolution.

You Say, We Pay: Evolution

  • Game to revisit and revise key concepts in evolution.

TES Secondary Biology teaching resources