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Videos from True Tube and Teachers TV

Eating disorders

  • A girl talks about her eating disorders – a video from Teachers TV

Body and health: Food fads

  • Find out about the fads that can be dangerous. See pages 23 - 29 of the pdf file for suggestions on lesson plans and activities – a video from True Tube

Body and health: I never thought it would happen to me

  • Lisa suffered brain injury in a car crash and forgot the first nineteen years of her life. As a result she had to learn to walk and talk again. The film explores the effects on Lisa and her family – a video from True Tube

Body and health: Missing models

  • Jess talks about winning a competition that was launched with the question, ‘Do you want to be a disabled model?’ She thinks that this competition has pushed boundaries and made disability more ‘mainstream’ or acceptable – a video from True Tube

Body and health: A day in the life of me

  • Video diary depicting a day in the life of Rebecca whose spina bifida means that she cannot use her legs. Despite her disability Rebecca lives the full life of a teenager – a video from True Tube

Body and health: Nothing will hold me back

  • Rachel Morris gold-medal winner at the Beijing Paralympics explains the importance of a positive attitude and determination – a video from True Tube

Body and health: My changing face

  • Jess who was born with apert syndrome, which effects the structure of her bones describes the numerous painful operations she has gone through – a video from True Tube

Body and health: Disability doesn’t describe me

  • Jai who has cerebral palsy just wishes people were more openminded and could accept that he has a disability and is gay – a video from True Tube

Further resources for Body and Health

Body and health: speech impediments

  • A personal account of the impact a stammer has had on this young woman’s life. Because of people’s reactions, she is always painfully self-conscious and this has limited her aspirations.

Body and health: Love and disability

  • Although they don’t feel any different because of Sarah’s disability, Alex and Sarah acknowledge that there does seem to be a stigma that makes it hard to find a relationship and once in one, friends seem reluctant or embarrassed to talk about it.

Body and health: Real story Georgia

  • How Georgia moved on from anorexia and the importance of ongoing support.

Body and health: Real story Georgia Wetherall

  • Georgia of B-eat, and a former anorexic, explains what anorexia and bulimia are and looks at the complex combination of causes.

Body and health: Emma on anorexia

  • Emma Rigby, who plays anorexic Hannah Ashworth in Hollyoaks, on the pressures to be thin today and how she would respond to someone she thought suffered with the illness.

Body and health: Thinspiration

  • Victoria tells us about trying to get into modelling and why she joined the Facebook group ‘Thinspiration’. Looks at the pressure to be skinny and people’s reactions to those who may be naturally thin.

Body and health: Word on the street

  • Is Size 0 Natural? Those interviewed give their views on the size as prompted by a pair of size 0 jeans.

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