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Secondary Vocational - Childcare & development

This collection of vocational resources for Childcare & Development have been tried and tested by the teaching community and selected by the TES Resource Team.

These resources can be used to help prepare pupils for GCSE, A Level and BTEC qualifications in Childcare, Development and Health & Social Care. This collection of resources covers topics such as toys, health and safety, nutrition and physical and psychological development. Materials can also be used for revision, discussion, project and group work.

Childcare & development resourcess

Children’s toys and development

  • Images of children’s toys to promote discussion on how they affect growth development.

Toy safety - what is a toy?

  • A useful resource which can be used as an introduction to any project on toy design, or as a practical task for a childcare topic.

Toy safety symbols

  • A simple starter or revision activity based on the symbols indicating toy safety.

Nutrition for Children

  • Worksheets and revision resources suitable for group work and distribution to individual learners.

Childhood infections

  • A presentation on common infections which occur during childhood - helpful information for any childcare or health and safety topic.

Questions & answers on pregnancy

  • This resource provides a list of questions on pregnancy covering diet, testing, scans, role of father, birth plan. Use as a fact sheet or delete the answers for a class quiz.

Breastfeeding worksheet

  • Worksheet suitable for use with GCSE pupils on a child development topic, covering advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding

Children’s role in home-school relationships

  • A literature review on the child’s role in the relationship between home and school. Useful for a discussion topic.

Introduction to fostering and adoption

  • This presentation introduces the topics of foster care and adoption and discusses the meaning of ‘looked-after’ children & why some are taken into care.

Every child matters game & task sheet

  • A useful starter or matching activity to cover main points in a lesson about inclusion.

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

  • An introduction to the main topics covered in developmental psychology including quotes from prominent theorists throughout history.

Physical development

  • Introduce some of the main keywords relating to physical development keywords and exercises to demonstrate them.

Childcare & education

  • This resource supports the CACHE Child Care and Education level 2 specifications and is also suitable for other courses within Health and Social Care.

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