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Role play is a crucial part of children’s learning that touches most curriculum areas, giving children understanding of the world around them through acting out roles of adults that they see around them in everyday life. Using resources from this fabulous collection, children can practise mark-making by filling out forms at the doctors, number recognition by dialling for a take-away and by pricing goods in a shop, learn what jobs people do in a Post Office, book an appointment at the Vets and take details from a 999 call. You’ll also find some inspired, creative and detailed planning and fabulous flashcards, photos and topic words covering a variety of popular topics.

A huge thankyou to all the contributors for sharing their high quality work!

Transport and Travel

Transport role-play resources

  • Bus, train, aeroplane and boat ticket templates to laminate and use in the role-play area.

Airport Role Play

  • Simple signs and labels for airport role play.

Travel Agent Activity Plan

  • Detailed planning for the role play area.

Role Play pictures - travel agents

  • Variety of photos and maps to print off to make a travel agent’s display.

Role play labels and questions for Travel Agent

  • Editable labels for use in travel agent role play and questions for the travel agent to ask the customers.

Editable Airline Ticket

  • Editable airline boarding passes for role play scenarios, enabling you to type your own dates, destinations, passenger names, etc.

Editable Rail Tickets

  • Editable train tickets for role play scenarios, enabling you to type your own destination, departure dates, etc.

Shops and High Street Services

Bakery Role Play

  • A bakery role play kit linked to literacy, with signs, a printable ‘cake book’ and order form.

Bakery signs

  • Photos of goods and prices, plus some signs, for a bakery role play area.

Corner shop role play

  • Signs and posters for role play in a corner shop context.

Hat shop role play

  • A variety of resources, including posters, adverts, customer order form and a design book.

Launderette Role Play

  • Ideas for setting up Launderette role play, with posters , labels , forms , coupons and banners.

Fabric Shop Role Play

  • Posters for the role play area and a customer order form.

Newsagent Role Play

  • Includes a plan of the early learning goal areas, shopping lists and signs for a Newsagents.

Grocers/ supermarket/ shop role play plan

  • Great ideas for grocers, supermarket or shop role play.

Garden Centre role play

  • A set of bright labels with pictures and a seed packet design sheet to encourage writing for a purpose in the role play area.

Flower Shop Role Play Ideas

  • Great ideas if you are planning to set up a florist in your role-play corner.

Flower Shop Role-Play

  • Pictures, sign, order forms, price labels and note paper.

Garage role play resources

  • Posters with services and prices for garage role play.

Fish and Chip Shop role play

  • Labels, a sign for the shop, a menu and order forms.

Take-away posters

  • ‘Take-away’ posters for role play - children use the simple phone numbers on the telephone in character.

Hairdressers/Builders/Construction Site Role Play Resources

  • Words and photos for a selection of topics for role play.

Fruit and Veg Shop role play resources

  • Posters, labels and an open/shut sign for fruit and veg shop role play.

Fruit and veg list

  • Two sheets of produce to use in a Greengrocers role play area , with space for children to add prices.

Café Role Play

  • A colour menu to use in a role play cafe.

Opticians role play area

  • Posters and an appointment book to use in the role play area.

Police and Emergency Services

Emergency services role play

  • Question cards with photographs, as well as an incident form for emergent writing.

Police station role play area

  • Signs, labels and posters for the role play area.

Fire Station Role Play

  • Detailed planning for Fire Station role play.

Hospital and Doctors

Hospital / Doctor Role Play Set

  • Resources include room signs, ID badges, prescription pads, patient examination pads and appointment sheets.

Hospital role play resources

  • Excellent resources including display labels, forms, posters and x-rays.

Hospital templates for role play

  • Great templates to encourage writing and mark-making in the role-play area.

Hospital role play pack

  • A role play pack, including editable signs and labels, ID badges, X-rays, word mats and lots of writing aids.

Hospital role play resources 1

  • Resources include display labels, forms, posters and x-rays .

Hospital role play resources 2

  • Various Hospital words to display and use in the role play area.

Hospital Role Play set

  • Signs, labels, badges and medical record sheets for a hospital role play area.

Role Play Hospital Labels

  • Picture and word labels for Hospital role play.

Doctors Role Play Resources

  • An opening times poster, a waiting room sign and some general flashcards.

Doctors role play independent writing resource

  • Forms for use in hospital/doctors role play, to encourage independent writing.


Vets Role Play Resources

  • Vets surgery flashcards, including animal cards, waiting room sign and opening times poster.

Vet role play

  • Posters/signs for displaying in a Vets role play area and sheets for children to draw their pets.

Vet topic resources

  • An appointment template, open and closed signs, plus an extensive list of useful books.

Post Office

Post Office Role Play Templates

  • Mark-making/writing templates for the role-play area with a post office theme.

Post Office Planning and Resources

  • Planning, lorry tax forms and a Post Office shopping list.

Post Office Role Play Resources

  • A brilliant collection of labels and signs, including shaped/coloured envelopes for sorting and post office documents.

Post Office role play e

  • Labels and posters with photos and captions.

Post office role play jobs

  • A list of images and tasks to do with Post office role play jobs.

Teachers TV video

Role Play - Setting Up and Planning

  • An EY adviser explores the planning and setting-up of a role play area.