TES collection Creative ICT - Animation and Small Steps into Programming

This collection will help support teachers who are interested in exploring simple animation and programming concepts with their pupils. TES Resources is currently running a series of competitions to reward pupil efforts in this area. Click Creative ICT Challenge Competition to find out more.

Stop-Motion Animation – Monkey Jam How To Guide

  • A easy to follow guide for creating a stop-frame animation with a webcam and the free MonkeyJam software.

Basics of Flash – Tweens and Symbols

  • A simple printable tutorial for introducing Flash animation.

Creating Animations in the classroom

  • A great KS2 scheme of work for introducing animation.

Flash Animation Activities For Beginners

  • A range of resources and tutorials for newcomers to Flash animation.

Making An Animated Banner In Flash

  • A series of video tutorials that builds up to a fully animated Flash banner – maps to OCR Nationals Unit 20.

Drag and Drop in Flash

  • This tutorial takes some basic Flash skills and starts to add some Actionscript to build up the functionality.

Triggered animations in PowerPoint

  • A very clever tutorial looking at making an interactive quiz.

Beginners’ Flash

  • A selection of video screencasts for teachers as well as students to introduce some of the basics of flash animation.

Powerpoint quiz using visual basic

  • A tutorial for creating your own interactive quiz using Powerpoint and macros – ideal for stretching your older or more able students.