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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES Design Technology adviser, Spencer Herbert, Head of Design Technology Department and lead AST at Ravens Wood School for Boys Bromley Kent and owner/manager of www.accessfm.com.

KS4 - Product design

The top ten D & T resources this month are all based on key stage 4 Product Design. Bearing in mind the time of year, these resources are quick and extremely easy to use, with little or no set up time or further research necessary. These resource gems could help start a class moving in the right direction, introduce a topic in a succinct way or even provide a body of work that simply runs itself. There is a focus on sustainability and product analysis, the writing of specifications and how to effectively annotate ideas; useful topics to consider with exams fast approaching and next year’s planning on the horizon.

Top 10 resources

Product Analysis Starter

  • A really rather simple yet effective starter activity which does exactly what it says on the tin. The author of this particular resource has chosen a series of well known or iconic items to focus on and has built a structured analysis task around these images.

Sustainable design tasks

  • A resource previously chosen under the Graphic Products banner but one which is becoming ever more relevant for staff delivering product design or resistant materials. A series of four tasks aimed squarely at tackling the issues of sustainability. Well presented and laid out in logical fashion, it gives a great overview of this most pressing of issues and fits with the demands of most exam boards. The author tackles this topic from a number of angles including the effects of our consumption in relation to people living in the third world.

Specifications worksheet

  • Another simple yet highly effective resource that in essence teaches itself. It is made up of one worksheet which in turn helps pupils formulate and write their own specifications. While ACCESSFM is great at getting pupils to think around the subject and analyse existing ideas this particular piece is tailored to structuring their specifications and works as an effective framework.

Acrylic Jewellery Project

  • This thorough and complete jewellery box project provides a superb step by step guide for the teacher in order to deliver this topic. Furthermore a work booklet, which can be printed or used as an e-portfolio has been supplied for pupils. Examples and key issues have all been illustrated and provided. This is a stand alone and ready to use resource and one which would enrich any design technology department.

How to annotate.

  • A really quick and considered resource that could be used across both key stages 3 and 4. Its focus is on the skill of annotation and one which may be lacking in a number of pupils coursework or projects. It enables the pupils to start thinking about what they would like to add, illustrates the fact that not all idea communication needs to be drawn.

Make your own revision game

  • This resource comprises an A3 board with ‘write your own question cards’. Students are assigned groups, each student has a different topic to revise from their notes, from which they formulate their own questions. All of the questions are then mixed together and the games can begin. A great way of giving both students and staff a break from the normal routine.

Manufacturing GANNT Chart

  • This is a great supplement for any GCSE students producing a portfolio for graphic products, resistant materials or product design. It can simply be cut and pasted and used immediately. It helps them plan and outline their practical outcome and provides key evidence for any examining board.

Product Analysis

  • A really simple but effective task that helps structure the process of product analysis. Examples are supplied so you do not need to research prior to starting the task. There is an accompanying PowerPoint that gives the teacher a clear and concise approach.

Inventive eco-friendly up cycling garden product

  • This resource provides an outline/guide and brief which allows students the opportunity to invent an eco-friendly up cycling garden product using critical thinking. Products suggested in this task include a bird-bath, bird-feeder, wind chime, rain gauge or mechanical scarecrow. You will however need to do some research and general planning but this is a great topic if you are stuck for a brief and require a little structure.

Top Trumps-Product Sustainability

  • This resource uses the popular game of Top Trumps as a starting point; there are 20 cards in total, each representing a different product. Students can play a traditional game of Top Trumps whilst focusing upon a range of different factors which affect a product’s sustainability. Whilst the resource is limited in its explanation and provides no additional structure it does have the all important cards made up and ready to go. Would not only be educational but great fun to run this topic with either key stage 3 or 4 groups.

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