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The best recipes for baking and making in school.

The Grain Chain

  • This site’s content is spilt by age range and contains fun activities around growing, making and baking. Examples of recipes included are: Quick Pizza (5-7) and Fruity Muffins (7-11).

Simple Bread Recipe

  • Use for a shared reading session, then have a practical baking lesson.

Recipes for Food Technology Lessons

  • Great, simple recipes with extra information and illustrations. Browse for recipes by category or by event calendar.

Cooking Videos

  • 22 videos of step-by-step instructions to make a variety of foods. Also gives food facts, cooking tips and healthy eating information.

Cookery Club

  • Simple recipes, developed for a primary cookery club.

Healthy Pirate Party Food

  • Healthy recipes for a pirate-themed party.

Crispy cakes

  • Pupils can sequence and present instructions for making chocolate crispy cakes.

Cooking: Cool Creations

  • This set of resources form part of a series of lessons exploring healthy eating for children aged 5-8 years, with detailed teaching plans, worksheets and presentations.

Fruit Salad

  • Lesson plan for choosing fruit and making a healthy, colourful salad. Pupils consider the look, feel and taste of their recipes, using the evaluation template.

An African Snack

  • An easy recipe for a snack using fruit and honey, together with ideas for extensions and further activities.

Indian-style Buffet

  • Make a tomato chutney dish as the centrepiece for a buffet.

Jam Tarts

  • Aimed at EY pupils, this shows instructions for making jam tarts.

My Sandwich Booklet

  • Compiled for a Y3 topic on sandwiches, this includes recipes and templates for designing and taste-testing pupils’ sandwiches.

Design a Smoothie

  • Recipes and evaluation sheets for fruit smoothie-making.

How to make Biscuits

  • A step-by-step powerpoint showing a simple biscuit recipe and ideas for varying the ingredients.

Harris School have certainly been busy in the kitchen! Here are some of the recipes (all in Word Doc format) that they have shared with us:


Cornish Pasties

Crumble Recipe

A selection of Salad Recipes


Hot and Happening Recipes

  • Simple recipes, along with lesson ideas, developed by the British Nutrition Foundation.

Brilliant Baking

  • Baking recipes including biscuits, muffins, bread and pizza, developed by the British Nutrition Foundation.

Terrific Tagine

  • Recipe and lesson plan to make this vegetarian Middle Eastern dish.

And, finally, if your pupils fancy creating their own recipes, then try this -

Cookit - Create your own food recipes

  • A virtual kitchen where you can choose a chef, the kitchen tools you need and your own ingredients. Then record a presentation of your recipe instructions!