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Early years resource highlights

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Phonics

  • Minibeasts

  • PRSN

  • Ourselves

EYFS Resources

Below is a selection of recommended Early Years resources shared by the TES community.

Resources to support early Phonics teaching:

Phonics Activities for Phases 1 / 2

A huge range of ideas for attuning pupils’ ears to the sounds around them.

Phase 2-3 Singing Alphabet

Alphabet cards with an image and verse for each phoneme.

Short phonics games

A selection of short games to promote grapheme and initial sound recognition.

Cartoon Characters for Phase 2

Slides of all letters from phase 2 Letters and Sounds, each accompanied by a well-known character to illustrate the initial letter.

Resources to support PSRN:

Bear Factory

Pupils choose different colour combinations for bears, then sort them according to their own criteria.

Maths Activities for Outdoor Areas

Aimed at Reception pupils, here are some brilliant activity ideas to engage pupils in number and shape and space using resources in outside areas.

Tell the Time Game

Differentiated board games where pupils tell the time in either analogue or digital formats, to either just the hour or to the hour and half hour.

Small Aliens for Sorting

A selection of engaging alien creatures to print off for sorting, using the children’s own criteria.

EY resources to support other areas:


Plans for the Ourselves topic, including resources for labelling the body, songs and rhymes and activities to learn about the five senses.

All about Me booklet

Templates for pages to make a booklet about each child’s favourite things.

What am I? (Minibeasts)

On each screen, a minibeast is hiding. Can pupils work out which one it is by the three statements given for each one?

Meet Humpty

A simple introductory screen suitable for children who are just learning to use the mouse. As you click Humpty, he reacts in different ways!

Butterfly Lifecycle Information Book

A beautifully illustrated digital book with simple text and audio support.