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Primary English - Introducing Drama

The benefits of drama are multifold: children have opportunities for their emotions to be expressed and controlled; they will begin to voice their opinions and to listen to and appreciate those of others. In this collection we have resources for drama reference and theory, as well as activities for introducing drama to pupils through warm-up games.

Further collections will focus on scripts and drama activities for the different key stages.

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Reference / unit plans

Drama in Schools, resources and advice booklet

  • Why teach drama in schools? Includes: recognising good drama; structuring drama in schools; policy; facilities and resources.

Improving behaviour through experiential drama

  • A brief guide, with lots of practical tips and exercises, to the use of drama as a tool to help children to become more aware of themselves, of other people and of life itself.

The Drama Dictionary

  • A useful booklet with subject specific vocabulary listed by areas too. Originally aimed at KS4 but handy for non-specialist primary teachers as a reference.

Glossary for Playscripts - new

  • Glossary for displaying on Learning Walls, for children to use on tables or as cards to play a vocabulary game.

Dramatic Conventions

  • A two week plan looking at a variety of prepared scripts and broadcasts, both radio and TV. Pupils write their own scripts and create a short audio broadcast.

Shakespeare for all ages and stages - new

  • Education pack from National Strategies, Globe Education and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Globe Theatre powerpoint

  • A basic powerpoint to introduce The Globe Theatre to children. Can be used as a starter to feed into study of Shakespearean plays.

Key Stage 2 ‘Macbeth’

  • A scheme of work looking at Macbeth and applying a range of techniques to a selection of possible approaches to the text.

Drama Club plan

  • Plans for Drama Club - 12 weeks of 1 hour sessions, including lots of drama games.

What does a good Drama student do? Motivational poster

  • Reminds students of behaviour and attitudes that will help them get the best out of drama.

School Production Writing Template

  • A certificate / writing frame for participation in a performance. Adapt this template to suit any school production by changing the pictures.

Warm-ups and drama games

Drama Warm Ups and Circle Games

  • Great ideas for Drama Warm Ups and Circle Games.

Introduction to drama

  • A variety of drama games covering themes such as improvisation, miming, and freeze frames.

Drama games

  • A link to a huge range of drama games to suit many ages and situations.

Introduction to Improvisation

  • This lesson introduces the idea of improvisation in acting, using drama games to build conversations and to overcome ‘blocks’ in conversations.

Emotion Cards

  • Cards to use as an introduction to drama lessons in order to develop expressions and body language to convey different emotions.

“Getting to Know You” Game

  • A fun-filled, loud and interactive game to break the ice in drama sessions.

Charades Cards

  • Cards for playing charades as a drama warm up game.

Character - setting - dilemma cards

  • Character, setting and dilemma cards for use in literacy and drama.

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