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Primary Geography - Environmental Issues

Looking to start a class topic on climate change? Or stimulate a lively discussion about the environment? Then look no further! We have lesson plans, interactive games, quizzes and worksheets, focussing on climate change, energy-efficiency, recycling and transport.

Focus on Climate Change

  • A cross-curricular scheme of work with a great powerpoint on greenhouse gases and links to additional presentations and worksheets.

Climate Change

  • Aimed at 10-14 year olds, these resources feature tasks on a variety of themes such as food recycling, smart energy use, ‘green’ transport and environmentally conscious food production.

Educate Together Climate Programme

  • A scheme of work with lesson plans and worksheets on climate change. Included is a handy link to the story of ‘Colin CO2’ and interactive activities around saving energy.

Energy Town

  • Students explore Energy Town, where they find out where energy comes from, how to be energy efficient and the importance of saving energy. Includes quizzes and interactive games.

Crazy Climate

  • Crazy Climate aims to generate a lively discussion around the issues of climate change and poverty. Includes class activities, an assembly and a board game.

PowerDown: energy and climate change toolkit

  • A multimedia resource to find out about climate change and how it is affecting young people around the world, as well as what they can do to be part of the solution. A huge array of free resources to download.

What happens to the newspapers and magazines you recycle?

  • Popping your used newspapers and magazines in the recycling bin is the first stage of a remarkable journey. A simple, animated video shows what happens in the recycling process, together with a link to further resources.

Recycle Zone

  • Educational resources from WasteWatch, including information, quizzes and games.

Travel Buster

  • Pupils calculate their Travel Buster score by entering how they travelled to and from school over one week, and can then make a pledge to improve their score.


  • Recycling activities and reusable waste projects, with links to the Met Office and Generation Green.

What is a coast?

  • An inclusive worksheet which explores coasts and the problem of erosion. All text in the worksheet is simply written and is fully supported with Widgit Symbols.

Threatened Environments - Rainforests

  • This resource for upper KS2 looks at the location of Tropical Rainforests before giving users the opportunity to compare their features with environments in Wales.

Caring for the Environment

  • How do children around the world care for the environment? What do your class do to look after their community? And can your class put some of their ideas into action at school?

WWF Kids Zone

  • Aimed at KS2, this free site focuses on climate change in the Arctic, through the adventures of two polar bear cubs. Includes interactive games, lesson plans and worksheets.

The only one we’ve got - An Earth poem

  • A poem to explore the way we treat our planet - intended to prompt and provoke student debate and discussion.

Chocolate and Fair Trade

  • This lesson helps students to understand the production, transport and consumption of food around the world, using chocolate as an example.

Rubbish and Landfills

  • A powerpoint about rubbish and landfill sites to kick off a topic about Improving Our Environment.

What a Load of Old Rubbish!

  • This resource introduces pupils to a town suffering from a build up of rubbish. Pupils can debate the opinions of the townspeople, consider the impact of waste on the environment and evaluate the possible effects of these problems in their own areas.

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