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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES Design Technology adviser, Spencer Herbert, Head of Design Technology Department and lead AST at Ravens Wood School for Boys Bromley Kent and owner/manager of www.accessfm.com

With the government having introduced food technology as compulsory within the design technology curriculum not so long ago, I feel it both useful and prudent to highlight some of the exceptional resources that have been made available on the TES website. Furthermore I was quite literally taken aback at the quality of these particular units. The presentation and layout is extremely effective and furthermore, content is concise, easy to understand and very simple to apply in a real classroom environment. A number of the resources highlighted are produced by teachers that have made several contributions to the website and have proved so very valuable to myself and my department. Right now the KS3 design technology food area of the website is a real hotbed of talent and I would have no problem what so ever using any of the ten highlighted resources in an observed or even Ofsted lesson. Take a look at the units highlighted and see how much time and effort they could save you and also consider how they could enrich your lessons or schemes of work and how they would directly benefit your students and their learning.

Taste Testing

  • A lesson for pupils on Sensory Analysis.

Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work

  • This is a Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work, booklet and end of unit test. It uses some of the License to Cook recipes but some of the recipes are not L2C.

Cover Sheets

  • Some sheets developed for cover lessons in Design and Technology.

Year 7 Food Technology booklet

  • Five recipes, it should help with the License to Cook programme.

Food labels for packaging

  • Search of the Internet for Food labels/symbols for GCSE students to copy and paste onto their Net shapes for packaging. It is also useful for KS3.

How to use sensory descriptors

  • Teach yr 7 pupils about how to use correct descriptive words to evaluate foods. Important as students often have difficulty in using appropriate words to describe foods. This is also a literacy lesson within Food Tech/ Home Ec.

Food Evaluation

  • Y10 Food & Nutrition evaluations & completing of sensory analysis. Been updated with a completed example.

Food and religion

  • Basic PowerPoint about a variety of religions, plus a work sheet with the same info and 3 tasks.

Guess country where dishes are from

  • . PowerPoint has pictures of dishes from different countries and when you click it reveals the country. Students can either guess in their seats or you can put labels of the different countries around the room and they have to stand next to the country they think it is before you reveal.

Year 8 Pastry: Savory Flan / Temperature control

  • A visual guide for pastry lesson. Making a savory flan, with prior knowledge of short crust pastry making. End of Power Point features guidance on safe food temperatures and use of temperature probes.