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Primary MFL - French vocabulary

These resources, contributed by teachers from the TES community, enable primary-age pupils to learn and practise key French vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

The following resources use images only, so could be used for any language:


  • A grid with images of clothes, to play as a team game.

Body Parts Bingo

  • 27 lotto cards with images of parts of the body, for pupils to match to various names that are called out. Full instructions and suggested differentiation ideas are given at the end.

Alphabet Starter

  • Learn and practise the names and sounds of letters as they appear on the screen.

Guess Who?

  • A grid with images of different people - to promote descriptive vocabulary.

The following resources use French vocabulary:

French Songs

  • Songs provide a fun and useful way of learning a foreign language. This site offers hundreds of songs with lyrics and accompanying music.

Balloon Numbers and Colours

  • A worksheet for pupils to follow the instructions in French, combining colour and number vocabulary.

Days and Months

  • Pupils work out the French day or month as the letters appear.


  • An introduction to French family vocabulary, with a quiz at the end.

At the Fruit and Veg Stall

  • Pupils practise the vocabulary for common fruit and vegetables, then use ‘Je voudrais…’ to place their orders.

Le Corps

  • A labelling activity for parts of the body and a slideshow that highlights a random part of the body for quickfire practice.

Parts of the Body

  • Images and words in French to match up.

French Numbers Workbook

  • A workbook with exercises to practise numbers in French.

Daily Weather Chart

  • Pupils add the appropriate words and symbols to the chart to show the day, month, weather and temperature.

Greetings Triangles

  • A worksheet with a difference - pupils must assemble all the triangles so that the correct French-English translations are next to each other.


  • Common greetings with images, to use as flashcards.

Classroom Instructions

  • Simple instructions in French for display or to use as flashcards.

C’est quand, ton anniversaire?

  • Months of the year and a simple conversation format to give your name, age and birthday.

School Subjects

  • Flashcards with a variety of school subjects and images.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  • Screens in the popular gameshow format - currently set up with French past tense questions but easy to edit and add your own questions and possible answers for the area of vocabulary your pupils are learning.

These brilliant resources are illustrated short stories in French, so that children can hear the language in the context of familiar-style tales. All use animal vocabulary and include animations.

Ma Surprise Du Zoo

  • A story in French, based on Dear Zoo, with animal vocabulary games at the end.

Les Petits Souris

  • An illustrated short story to practise vocabulary for animals, colours and numbers.

La Petite Poule Rouge

  • The Little Red Hen translated into French, to introduce animal names using a familiar traditional tale.