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Learning another language is fun! And in this collection, we have gathered together all sorts of games to engage pupils in practising basic phrases and themed vocabulary. Many are presented in adaptable formats for you to easily make them bespoke for your class.

So get these resources up on your whiteboard… et on y va!

Editable templates – adaptable for any language learning

Template for Picture Blockbusters

  • A Blockbusters template for PowerPoint, that’s easily adaptable for different languages and questions.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  • A great game for revision – it’s set up to test the past tense with ‘avoir’ and -ER verbs, but it can be adapted for any purpose

French Deal or No Deal (à prendre ou à laisser)

  • A template to add questions and play as a team game.

Snakes and ladders

  • A blank game board - just drop in pictures of whatever vocabulary you are learning.

Guess who

  • A Guess Who grid suitable for use with any MFL class – just change the names of the characters.

Team Game - Fly Me To The Moon

  • Interactive quiz for 2 teams – the first to build their rocket wins. Add your own questions.

Games for MFL

  • A website with 7 interactive games with audio support, ideal for the interactive whiteboard. Topics include numbers 1 - 10, family members, age indicators, different languages, ways of greeting.

Specific areas of vocabulary

Parties du corps loto / body parts bingo

  • Bingo cards with images of parts of the body, that can be used for any language.

Millionaire Game - Parts of the body

  • This game is to practise knowledge of the correct spelling of the parts of the body.

Penalty Shootout Template - French Plenary/Starter

  • Use this quiz template as a fun plenary or starter or mini-plenary for your students.

Snakes and ladders

  • A board game for pupils to play in pairs, to practise family vocabulary (based on la famille Simpson).

Snakes and Ladders

  • A board game for pupils to play in pairs, to practise body vocabulary, e.g. j’ai mal au nez or j’ai mal à la bouche.

Snakes and ladders

  • A game board s based on flags/nationalities.

Noughts and crosses multi-topic ppt that behaves like an IWB

  • A powerpoint (with a drag and drop macro) with 10 topics to choose from.


  • A template with images for pupils to play in pairs.

Blockbuster - body parts

  • Learn some French body parts while playing Blockbusters!

Rooms in a house / Salles à la maison

  • Blockbuster game on rooms in a house in French.

French numbers and colours

  • A game of noughts and crosses in Notebook format. Children say the number and colour that they would like their team to go to.

Le prix est ici! shopping game

  • A game to practise numbers and shopping vocab. Pupils guess the price of different items and the nearest wins!

J’ai mal Battleships

  • Fun way to revise/practise parts of the body, avoir, and illnesses.

French / English jigsaw puzzle

  • A great jigsaw puzzle, matching basic French and English words together.

Family o’s and x’s game

  • O’s and X’s interactive game to practise basic family vocabulary.

Subject noughts and crosses

  • A noughts and crosses grid for pupils to correctly say the sentence decoded by the pictures, e.g. I like Art.

Colour noughts and crosses

  • A noughts and crosses grid for pupils to practise colours.

Weather noughts and crosses

  • A noughts and crosses grid for pupils to practise weather vocab.

Noughts and Crosses with hair/eye colour and pets

  • Powerpoint slides with noughts and crosses grids on for use in any language.

Find your partner activity - Daily routine

  • Pupils move around the classroom and describe their card to other pupils, until they find a person who has an identical card.

Dans ma trousse - Happy Families Game

  • A set of cards to play Happy Families in French with pencil case equipment, covering 7 items and 9 different colours.

Happy Families

  • Game of Happy Families where children can practice their vocabulary for colours and members of the family.

Phonics Happy Families Card Game

  • Print and cut to make sets of cards. There are 5 cards in each phonic family to collect.

Round Europe game

  • A simple dice game, along the lines of a beetle drive - ie roll the right number to visit 6 European countries and write the relevant language’s word for “hello” in the box.

Weather dominoes

  • Simple dominoes for pair and group work.

Colour dominoes

  • Dominoes to practise colours in French


  • A set of dominoes using basic French phrases and numbers.

Freetime dominoes

  • Cards for dominoes, matching games or for paired oral practice of j’aime /je n’aime pas or asking questions such as Tu veux….? Je veux / Je ne veux pas.

Quelle heure est-il M. Loup?

  • A game to tell the time in French.

Trivial Pursuit - Parts of the body and other topics

  • A class game to practise vocabulary for parts of the body.

French Pelmanism

  • A memory game using simple French vocabulary.

Wipeout style game - Infinitives

  • An adaptable interactive game that teaches how to recognise an infinitive.


  • Powerpoint with games such as lotto to learn the French pronunciation of the alphabet.

Teachers TV: Playground Games, Let’s Go, Pocket Money

  • Nine French lesson starters for use with KS2 and accompanying teacher’s notes with suggested extension activities

Teachers TV: Primary Languages - Speak to the World

  • A language specialist gives her support to a primary school, to encourage the teaching and learning of languages.


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