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Video and resources from True Tube

Community and society: Real story Letarnia

  • Letarnia, a 20 year-old youth worker from North West London, talks about her experience of gangs. She suggests that the media can easily blow things out of proportion and that many teenagers are involved in positive activities – a video from TrueTube

Community and society: Real story Shaun Bailey

  • A youth worker form West London, warns about joining a gang. He says that people who get into gangs go to jail, or end up in a bookie’s, with mental health problems or dead. He admits that not all gangs are bad and that the individual has to ask what the gang does and why it does it. He thinks that the answer lies with communities and families, not stricter laws, and says that what young people need is hope.

Community and society: Real story Jason Allen

  • A former gang member talks about how he reformed and now wants to make a difference. Involved in robberies and gangs from around the age of 15, he got into trouble with the police and this had a marked effect on his family. Jason reformed when his local Youth Club approached him and asked him to help out as he had ‘good leadership skills’.

Community and society: Real story Denny Mendoza 1

  • Denny, a community leader, explains that he followed his older brother into gangs as a way of getting the things he wanted without working. He escaped from the culture when his friend asked him to play golf ‘for a laugh’.

Community and society: Real story Denny Mendoza 2

  • Interview with Community Leader Denny Mendoza on how he helps get young people out of a life of crime.

Community and society: Real story MC Skitzo

  • MC Skitzo talks about losing her friend Kodjo to local gang violence in West London. Despite Kodjo’s death, MC Skitzo believes that we cannot ban gangs but would like influential Rap Stars to change the messages in their music.

Community and society: Chelsea on gangs

  • Another girl gives her opinions on gangs and in particular knives. See page 9 of the pdf file for activity ideas.

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