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This collection is designed to introduce you to examples of the range of revision resources available on the TES resources website for revising GCSE Science (various levels, exam boards and subjects). Revision aids include summary power point presentations, summary posters, revision games, mindmaps for students to complete, crosswords, quizzes, checklists and revision notes. At the time of printing, some exams will have already been and gone - but now is a good time to see what you could use in the future, or what you could develop yourself for the remaining exam period.

The easiest way to find what available is to follow these instructions, using how to find GCSE Chemistry revision aids as an example:

  • Under “Subjects” click on Chemistry.
  • Now click on “KS4” at the top of the topic list for Chemistry.
  • Now click on “Type” in the left hand margin, and in the expanded list which appears, click on “Revision Aid”.
  • Revision aids are listed by topic, or simply browse through the resources to find out what’s available.


Revision of Unit B5 (21 s t Century Additional Science Biology Unit 5)

  • Growth and Development power point. Designed for first half to be run through with students just observing and then filling in blanks and answering questions in second part.

AQA Biology 1b Summary Sheet

  • A double sided summary sheet for AQA Biology 1b module covering adaptations, evolution, variation and human effects on the environment. Students should hang this somewhere they will see it and read a bit every day.

AQA GCSE Biology Revision Checklists

  • Four checklists for AQA GCSE Biology, units B1a, B1b, B2 and B3.


C4 Chemical Economics

  • A revision mind map for students to fill in to help with revision of OCR Gateway additional science C4 chemical economics.

C2 Revision Booklet For AQA

  • A comprehensive C2 revision booklet containing questions that take students through the whole C2 course.

OCR 21st century C1 revision crossword

  • Revision crossword for Air Quality

Polymers revision mindmap AQA C1b

  • Polymers revision mindmap Students fill in key words need to be filled in (which could be provided, or added from memory or from a text book. Second slide has answers.


P1a Energy and Energy resources Loop Game

  • A loop game which covers most of AQA P1a.

Revision notes for Additional Science WJEC Physics

  • A complete set of revision notes for WJEC Additional Physics for students to print to aid their revision. Topics include Radioactivity, Forces and Motion, and Electricity.

Jeopardy - revision game for speed, velocity and acceleration

  • A physics revision game. The template can be adapted for other topics in physics or any other science subject.

OCR Gateway P3 revision poster

  • A revision aid for OCR Gateway P3 Forces for Transport A revision poster which students can print out and answer the questions to produce their own revision summary.

Heat energy interactive book

  • Easy to understand notes, animations and videos to enhance the learning of this abstract concept.


Powerpoint Quiz Template

  • A easy-to-use quiz template for you to create your own quiz on an GCSE science topic. Suitable for interactive whiteboards or individual computer use.

OCR 21st Century science revision

  • Link to North Yorkshire Learning Net website, containing revision materials and lesson plans for OCR Core, Additional and Triple science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

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