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Primary Geography - Katie Morag

Mairi Hedderwick’s books, set on the fictional Isle of Struay, are inspiring lessons across the curriculum. As well as fantastic resources for island topics in Geography, we’ve sneaked in some word work, reading comprehension, maths and even a little bit of Science!

Geography-led resources

An introduction to the geography of islands

  • An introductory presentation for the Year 2 Geography Unit ‘An Island Home’.

Introduction to Islands

  • Powerpoint presentation to introduce a topic on islands, including question slides to promote discussion.

Katie Morag - simple map of British Isles

  • A simple outline map of the British Isles, for children to add in their own details.

An Island Home Topic Web for Year 2

  • 6 week cross curricular plan for the topic ‘An island home’ and looking at significant author, Mairi Hedderwick.

Human and physical features of an island

  • Flashcards of human and physical features for children to cut and sort. Based on the fictional Isle of Struay.

Katie Morag

  • Katie Morag resources to support both Geography and story telling.

Island of Struay

  • Pupils identify the main features and places of interest on Struay as well as writing simple directions using compass points and landmarks.

Coll presentation

  • A presentation about the island of Coll, on which the Isle of Struay is based.

QCDA Geography scheme of work ‘An island home’

Unit 3: Where is Struay?

  • Lesson 1: Children should learn to identify the physical and human features of a place and how an island is different from the mainland.

Unit 3: Types of transport

  • Lesson 2: Children should learn to identify types of transport and how an environment changes.

Unit 3: Who lives on Struay?

  • Lesson 3: Children should learn how land and buildings are used.

Unit 3: How is Struay similar?

  • Lesson 4: Children should learn that the world extends outside their locality and to recognise similarities and differences and communicate them.

Unit 3: Likes and dislikes

  • Lesson 5: Children should learn to identify likes and dislikes about a place.


Katie Morag Narrative Unit Plan

  • Narrative work (unit 3) based on Katie Morag stories.

Isle of Coll info sheet

  • An information sheet designed for Year 2 guided reading sessions or individual comprehension work - suitable for higher ability groups.

Katie Morag - describing characters and using evidence from the text

  • Using Katie Morag’s stories to develop understanding of character, including justifying using evidence from the text.

Guess the Katie Morag story

  • Pieces of text from a range of Mairi Hedderwick’s Katie Morag stories for children to guess which book each quote is from.

Katie Morag review template

  • A book review template based around the Katie Morag stories.

Katie Morag and the two grandmothers

  • Profile and comprehension sheets, a powerpoint about Grannie Island and a worksheet to compare the two grandmothers.

Katie Morag Grandmother templates and associated resources

  • Outline pictures of the grandmothers and compound sentences and connectives activities.

Katie Morag and the 2 grans

  • Two reading comprehensions about Grannie Island and Katie Morag.

Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted

  • Plans focusing on feelings and setting, in preparation for a postcard task.

Katie Morag alphabet flash cards

  • A task on alphabetical order for a year 1/2 class to prepare for using a dictionary.

Maths, DT, Science

Katie Morag - sequencing time

  • Katie Morag event pictures to sequence the times in order onto the timeline.

Island Life - Struay displays

  • Get inspired by these island displays of Katie Morag’s home!

Katie Morag - Design your own island home activity

  • An activity to design an island home with both natural and manmade features.

Geography KS1 primary teaching resources

Geography KS2 primary teaching resources