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Going to School, I See

  • Pupils tell the story of their journey to school by adding landmarks to a virtual route.

My Address

  • Pupils can use this template to create their own name and address labels, with personalised illustrations.

How Far Away do you Live?

  • Pupils add labels, plotting themselves and their classmates onto the chart, making decisions and judgments about where they live in relation to the school.

Travelling to School

  • Activity to compare methods of travelling to school using different transport methods.

Pictogram: Travelling to School

  • Collect data on ways of travelling to school and ask pupils to input the information into a pictogram.


  • Activity to match workers to their place of work. Who works near where you live?

Leisure Activity Survey

  • Type a survey title and choose icons of common leisure activities, or type in an activity title, for each choice. Useful for data handling for class projects, especially as part of a local study in Geography.

What is Nice?

  • Activity for pupils to discuss and decide which features in the park and street are nice… or not! Drag the happy or sad faces to label the scene.

Fix up the Park

  • Click on the various icons on the left to alter the weather conditions in the scene. The slider changes the sky’s brightness. Ask pupils to choose appropriate clothing for the children for that type of weather.

What’s the Weather?

  • Represent today’s weather by setting the weather conditions in the scene and choosing appropriate clothing for the on-screen children.

Weather Reporter

  • Create a weather report, by choosing area and weather conditions, then hear it played back.

Teachers TV

Journey sticks

  • An inspirational KS2 geography specialist leads her class on a magical journey through the school’s own woods, with the aim of creating a map of their route.

Outdoor Learning with Forest School

  • Find out how Forest School leaders work with KS1 children to encourage an appreciation of the natural world, building self-esteem and confidence by regularly visiting woodland sites.

Primary Outdoor Environment

  • An evaluation of three resources for teaching outdoor education.

Westonbirt National Arboretum

  • Primary school pupils take a maths trip to an arboretum where they take part in a numeracy trail. Another group of pupils also take part in a geography field trip down a cavern.

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