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Secondary Vocational - Health and Social care - Top 10

This collection of Health and Social care resources are among the most popular and highly rated resources for Vocational teaching shared on TES resources.

Health and social care resources including lesson starters, worksheets and powerpoint presentations to covering topics such as childcare, well-being and nutrition.

Healthcare professionals at birth

  • Lesson going through the healthcare professionals involved at the birth of a child.

Child development - layette and nappies

  • The resources include a lesson plan and powerpoint with accompanying activities and worksheets including differentiated worksheets for SEN students.

Human theories and development

  • Revision activities and worksheets to cover AQA unit 12.

Amy Winehouse health plan

  • Presentation to introduce some common lifestyle factors which influence health.

GCSE Unit 3 exam revision

  • Revision materials to cover topics on personal development and relationships.

Individual needs case study

  • Using the Maslow hierarchy students analyse the case of a particular individual, with supporting worksheet resources.

Nutrition for Children

  • Worksheets and revision resources suitable for group work and distribution to individual learners.

Breastfeeding worksheet

  • Worksheet suitable for use with GCSE pupils on a child development topic, covering advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding.

Child development & pregnancy task worksheet

  • Investigate the safety equipment available for children & how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

Children’s toys and development

  • Images of children’s toys to promote discussion on how they affect growth development