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Primary RE - Hinduism

This collection highlights the best of our RE resources covering Hinduism. Thanks to our marvellous contributors, we have many interesting and informative resources: from introducing key aspects of the faith, to a trump card game to discover all about Hindu gods. As an added bonus, we have included the relevant QCDA units at the end (Years 3 and 4). If you have Primary RE Hinduism resources you would like to add to this collection, email resources@tes.co.uk

KS1 Big Books about Hinduism

  • Books for sharing at the IWB on Festivals and Hindu gods.

Through the Keyhole

  • Drag the keyhole and work out what is happening in the scene. Great as a starter activity for Hinduism throughout Primary.


  • KS1 activities based around the characters of Seema and Ranji (6 year old twins living in West Wales), including an electronic story and discussion topics.

Introduction to Hinduism

  • Basic information about Hinduism for KS1 or SEN pupils.

Hindu Gods - Top Trump Cards 1

Hindu Gods - Top Trump Cards 2

Hindu Gods - Top Trump Cards 3

Hindu Gods - Top Trump Cards 4

  • Superb resources to have some fun whilst learning about Hindu gods! Most suitable for KS2.

The Hindu Home Shrine

  • Worksheet for labelling a shrine.

The Hindu Festival of Holi

  • The story behind the festivities.

The Four Paths to Braham

  • Knowledge, meditation, love and doing your best.

Hinduism - welcoming a new baby

  • Simple and accessible for young children, this PowerPoint shows how a new baby is celebrated in a Hindu family.

QCDA units

Unit 3B

Why do Hindus have divas?

How do Hindus prepare for Divali?

How do Hindus see God?

Unit 4A

What children are taught

What is a shrine?

One God who takes many forms

What happens in a mandir?

Acts of worship in the home

What have we learnt?

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