TES collection The History of Maths

Secondary Maths Collection 3 - “The History of Maths”

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Mathematics has one of the longest, richest and most interesting histories of all school subjects, and yet it is a history that rarely dived into. Hopefully this batch of resources will help give your students some insights into some of the stories and scandals, the mysteries and intrigues, which have created the subject that we all know and love today.

Top 10 Resources:

Collective Memory - 5 Famous Mathematicians

  • Collective Memories are a great way of spicing up a lesson and encouraging positive co-operative learning. This one can also introduce your students to some of the biggest names in mathematics.

Autograph Team - Sound Mirrors

  • : In the 1920s, some very large structures were built along the South Coast of England to deal with the increasing threat of aerial attack. You can investigate how these worked using Autograph.

Renaissance Mathematics: Big Changes

  • Some excellent support material for a video highlighting one of the most interesting ages in mathematics. If the link to the video itself doesn’t work, just search for it on YouTube and it should appear!

NCETM Departmental Workshops: Applications and Implications: The Historical and Cultural Roots of Mathematics

  • The NCETM workshops are fantastic for focussing departmental time, and this one provides ideas and stimuli for bringing historical aspects of mathematics into lessons.

Pythagoras Theorem & History

  • Who was the Pythagoras character and why was he so bothered about triangles? This great resource will help your students find out more about the man and the myth!

Display of mathematicians from around the world

  • A phenomenal set of posters to display around your classroom of some of the most interesting and inspirational mathematicians of all time.

Calendars, Leap Years and things like that

  • : Is there any interesting maths in Calendars and Leap Years? It turns out there is indeed!

2009 21st Annual Pi Day Celebration page

  • World Pi Day is certainly a date to mark in your calendar, and this website provides loads of resources to help your students begin to appreciate the wonder of that number.

Mathematics Quiz

  • What is TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA? No idea? Well, you and your students might just love this special little maths quiz.

Maths with Professor Christopher Zeeman

  • An interesting talk from a very interesting mathematician. Older students might just take a shine to Christopher.

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