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Secondary History - Power and Democracy

How has political power changed from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century? These resources cover some of the most significant shifts in power throughout history and include lesson plans, powerpoints and worksheets.

Thomas Becket

Story of Thomas Becket

  • The story of Thomas Becket’s murder and the reasons behind it.

Charles I

Transition from Tudors to Stuarts

  • A detailed resource including a PowerPoint and worksheets about the transition from Tudors to Stuarts and problems relating to parliament.

French Revolution

Causes of the French Revolution

  • A lesson about the causes of the French Revolution.

Peterloo Riots

Events of Peterloo

  • A full lesson including activities about the events of Peterloo.

The Peterloo Massacre

  • A source analysis activity about the riots.


What did the Chartists want?

  • A lesson plan that explores the aims of the Chartists.

Elements of Chartism

  • A great A-Level revison game for recaping elements of Chartism.

Magna Carta

Magna Carta worksheet

  • A worksheet that covers the main reasons why King John signed the Magna Carta.

King John & Magna Carta

  • A PowerPoint covering the main reasons behind the Magna Carta.


The Representation of the People Act

  • A slide show and card sort looking at why the 1918 ‘Representation of the People Act’ was passed.

Suffragettes source activity

  • A source exercise that explores the background, tactics and effects of the Suffragette movement.

Peasants Revolt

Revolt resources

  • A collection of resources about the revolt including reasons why it happened.

Death of Wat Tyler

  • An assessment grid for a piece of writing exploring who was responsible for the death of Wat Tyler.

Other resources

Is absolute power possible?

  • A detailed scheme of work including resources about ‘Power’.

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