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By Craig Barton

CIMT secondary maths resources

The History of the Resources

The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) is part of the University of Plymouth. The website is jam-packed full of wonderfully innovative resources, the pinnacle of which has to be the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP). The MEP began life in 1995 and since then has grown into a complete mathematics curriculum from primary school right up to the transition to A Level.

According to the website, the MEP was introduced to address the concern expressed over the past few years regarding the standards of school mathematical instruction. Critical voices have been heard from both employers of young people and from tutors in higher education where some degree courses have been lengthened to allow time for remedial work in mathematics. Results from international comparative studies have been depressing news for British mathematics teaching. Despite the fact that GCSE results in mathematics have improved (although many would doubt the validity of this), there has been a substantial decrease in the numbers of candidates taking A-level Mathematics. The MEP resources are designed to address this, and as an added bonus they should also help prepare students for the demands of the new challenging maths GCSE.

The complete set of MEP resources have been made available to download on TES. They have been carefully categorised to make them easy to find and use.

What’s in them?

The secondary resources are divided up into topic areas, and the bundles of resources are comprised of the following:

Pupil Practice Book - textbook style activities complete with notes, examples and answers which are suitable for all ability levels.

Activities - ideas for rich tasks, projects, puzzles and group work, which come complete with notes and solutions.

Lesson Plans - a brief overview of the material that might be covered in the sequence of lessons, differentiated by level.

Mental Tests - a series of differentiated mental questions on the topic to quickly test and consolidate understanding.

Overhead slides - photocopiable resources used in the teaching of the topic.

Revision Tests - a series of differentiated end of unit tests to assess understanding complete with answers and mark schemes.

Teaching Notes - an overview of the unit, including Historical Background and Introduction, Teaching Points, Common Misconceptions, Key Language/Notation, Key Concepts and Applications. NOTE: Teaching Notes also provides guidance as to which parts of the topic are suitable for Standard, Academic, Express and Special groups.

Levelled Extra Exercises - textbook and exam style questions targeted at Standard/Academic and Express/Special groups, complete with answers.

How can they be used?

As you can see, these are a complete set of resources for each topic area. The pupil practice books can be used to complement/replace existing textbook resources, there are related assessments and mental tests, the activities and historical backgrounds are absolutely fantastic, and best of all there are lesson plans about how to bring it all together. An amazing set of resources!

Three of the Best from CIMT

Pythagoras (MEP - Year 8 - Unit 3) - Teaching Notes

  • Outlines the historical significance of Pythagoras’ Theorem and explains why it caused a great problem to the Greek mathematician and his band of followers. A great way to start the topic.

Data Handling (MEP - GCSE - Unit 8) - Activities

  • A set of fantastic activities to help students get to grips with Data Handling and see its real life applications. Misleading diagrams and Testing Physical Fitness are my personal favorites.

Time and Timetables (MEP - Year 7 - Unit 14)

  • A detailed set of plans for a series of six lessons to introduce time and timetables with Year 7 students. What is really nice is the suggested dialogue with key questions, together with the comprehensive and clear links to all the related worksheets and overhead slides.