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Primary maths - Measure - Height - Length KS1

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In this Measuring collection, we have activities to practise measuring height and length, including ideas for practical lessons, worksheets and presentations. Our kind contributors have shared introductions to the topic, problems to investigate and ways to revise the unit.

Measuring with non-standard units

Comparing Lengths (KS1)

  • Cut and stick the snakes in order according to their length.

Bonds to 10 bridge (KS1)

  • A great practical investigation to build a bridge for the billy goat to cross the river, using unifix cubes and lengths of card.

Length problem solving (KS1)

  • A set of problems for children to solve, using Mr Small and Mr Tall as non-standard units.

Which is the Longest Line? (KS1)

  • Children first predict which wobbly line they think will be the longest then, using a piece of string, work out the actual answer.

Caterpillar length (SEN/KS1)

  • A presentation, with teacher notes, to introduce measuring and address misconceptions.

Choosing appropriate units

Units of Measurement powerpoint

  • A fantastic revision tool to check that pupils understand appropriate units for measurement, for time, weight, length and capacity.

Units of Measurement (KS1)

  • Help Bob the Builder choose his units of measurement. Great for revision of appropriate units.

Centimetres or metres? (KS1)

  • A cut and stick worksheet that is easily adaptable. Children decide whether the object in the picture should be measured using centimetres or metres.

Centimetres or metres? (KS1)

  • An activity in Notebook format to sort pictures of various familiar items by choosing the appropriate unit of measurement.

Using standard units of measurement

Problem Solving - Time Length Capacity

  • A set of differentiated cards to print off for carousel lessons.

Mighty measures

  • Powerpoint presentation for introducing different measuring media.

Maths Drama Lesson - The Witch’s Hat (KS1)

  • An engaging cross curricular lesson embedded in a story. Use is made of an instructional text to explain how to measure a line in cm using a ruler.

Measures - length (KS1)

  • A results table for a lesson on estimating and measuring a variety of objects.

Measuring shapes and pictures (KS1)

  • Worksheets with pictures and shapes (sides) to measure.

Measuring ourselves (KS1)

  • Worksheets for a practical lesson where pupils measure each other’s hand spans, arms, heads and height.

Measurement Worksheets

  • Worksheets covering 3 ability levels for measuring using a ruler. Aimed at Y3.

Dinosaurs - Outdoor activity

  • An outdoor activity to create a life-size outline of a favourite dinosaur, using string, tent pegs and measuring skills!

Investigation into sizes of hands and feet (KS1)

  • A KS1 investigation, combining maths and science, to compare sizes of hands and feet and then to analyse the results.

Maths Measuring (KS1)

  • Several excellent worksheets for use with KS1 children to learn how to measure both in non-standard and standard units and to order by length.

Mikey Metre and Carly Centimetre - Measuring and Estimating

  • A lesson plan and pupil workbook on estimating, comparing and measuring things inside and outside the classroom.

Measure me booklet

  • A folded booklet with measure activities, focussing on pupils measuring themselves, e.g. head circumference, height, arm length, hand span, etc.

Measuring up to 20cm (KS1)

  • An introduction to measuring, focusing on length in cm, including practical measuring of classroom items.

Measurement Investigation

  • Year 3 investigation chart and differentiated worksheets to explore cm/m in a classroom setting.

Conversion of units

Year 5 Measuring length

  • Interactive Smart Notebook file to teach units of measurement, length and conversions with links to well known websites and other interactive activities.

Conversion Lines - Capacity, Weight, Length, FDP

  • Help pupils convert between units by using these Printable Conversion Lines for Capacity, Weight, Length, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Length conversion chart

  • Compare similar lengths in different units (mm, cm, m, km)

Matching Measures

  • An interactive Pelmanism game: Match the centimetre lengths to their equivalent lengths in metres.

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