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Primary maths - Measure - time KS1

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Telling the time

Telling the time

  • A NGfL Cymru interactive resource for teaching the correct position for numbers on a clock, as well as covering o’clock and half past.

Time: hours, days, months

  • In this lesson from CIMT, the children practise putting a time on a clockface, telling the time and go over the days of the week and months of the year.

Telling the time (in Welsh)

  • Interactive resource from NGfL Cymru to help children to learn to tell the time in Welsh.

Digital and analogue o’clock and half past

  • A brief introduction to telling the time in analogue and in digital, aimed at Year 2.

Telling the time - o’clock

  • A Smartboard page to demonstrate matching the times and clockfaces.

Clock Printer

  • A superb worksheet generator for time-telling with various levels to choose from.

Time Cards

  • Flash cards to laminate and for pupils to add the hand in with a dry-wipe marker. All ‘o’clock’ formats.

Time problem sheet

  • A simple sheet asking children to find an hour after the time shown on the clock. Hands on clocks have been left out for teachers to differentiate the problems.

Days of the week worksheet

  • Adaptable worksheet to teach yesterday, today and tomorrow./li>

Telling the time

  • A fantastic website with teaching clock, worksheets, game and excellent homework sheet where the kids record what time their favourite TV programs start and end!


  • A quiz on time and converting units of time, to recap on time unit conversion - good as a starter or a plenary activity.

O’clock and half past times

  • Two simple sheets which require children to draw the given times onto the blank clock faces. Easily adaptable for differing abilities.

Clock face template

  • A template for making your own analogue clock, adding hands with a split pin.

Durations and sequencing events

Time worksheet

  • A simple table with four clocks showing different times, useful to introduce the concept of o’clock, AM and PM. Underneath each clock children draw what they do at that time of the day.

Time problems powerpoint

  • A series of time problems using TV programmes that children can relate to.

Time Story

  • Word problems in a story format for the class to solve.

Cake Cooking Times

  • A worksheet for pupils to add on half an hour to various times. Easily adaptable to set more complicated problems.

Katie Morag - sequencing events and time

  • The children need to read the clues and place the events in order of their time. Handy for a homework task.

Minutes, seconds and hours worksheet

  • The children have to choose whether each activity would take seconds, minutes or hours to complete.

Time problems

  • These problem solving sheets involve the skills of working out 1 more and 2 more hours, with o’clock times.

TV guide worksheet - find the time difference

  • A set of 3 differentiated, fully editable, worksheets showing the start time and end time of familiar TV shows. Children work out the difference to find the duration.

TV Guide worksheet

  • Gives a start time and length of programme for children to draw in the hands for the start time and work out the finish time.

Time: Months of the Year

  • An illustrated worksheet to help pupils recall the months of the year in order and to match significant events to the relevant months. Children can add their own special dates.

Converting Times with a Calculator (KS2)

  • Problem-solving sheet with problems involving conversion from minutes to seconds, seconds to minutes, hour to minutes, minutes to hour and seconds. All to be done with a calculator.

Time Assembly

  • Short script which involves a time traveller taking children to the past and future to show how time was measured and phrases came to be known. Developed for a Year 5 class.


What’s the time?

  • A game with instruction cards and time cards to form questions for pupils to play a game in groups.

Time resources and games

  • Whole hour, half and quarter hour resources, with game boards and suggestions for games. All resources are editable so you can add in different intervals.

Time bingo game

  • A set of Bingo cards to reinforce time - each has six different analogue clock faces, plus a day or night picture, and a digital or analogue clock picture.

Tell the time – loop cards

  • 30 loop cards to match a time in words with digital times.

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