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Causes of WWI

Causes of the First World War

  • This activity works well as a summary and/or assessment following a piece of work on the causes of the First World War. There is an example of a completed cause web, as well as a blank version, and a part-completed version that can be copied.

Germany 1918 - 1939

A revision guide to the history of Germany (1918-1924).

The Wall Street Crash - how it affected Germany, and the rise of the Nazi party

Road to WWII

Appeasing Hitler

  • Varied tasks that introduce students to the reasons for appeasement and the impact of appeasement on Hitler’s foreign policy. Easily adaptable, and teacher notes included.

Appeasement and Road to War source sheets

Czechoslovakia 1938

  • Lengthy task for higher ability students about Hitler’s takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1938. Involves students having to complete series of tasks in order to ‘earn’ the next set of notes.

Russia / USSR 1914-41

Russia GCSE

  • Full resources with teachers notes for teaching Lenin and Stalin’s Government. First activity in Stalin pack is adapted for GCSE from an A-level Thinking History activity.

A virtual tour around Tsarist Russia

  • This simulation is designed to teach students all about the strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures of Tsarist Russia on the eve of World War One.

Nature of the Bolshevik takeover

  • Powepoint looking at exam skills. Includes some picture reveal slides - students write 3 questions each and then pick on somebody to answer correctly and reveal a square. Good revision.

Russian Revolution

  • A Powerpoint and bingo game based on the Russian Revolution.

Russia - Teaching World War II

USA after 1945

20TH century US history (part 1 and 2)

The Race Issue in America - history of the American Civil Rights movement

Vietnam - can we stop the war?

The Cold War

History of Germany since 1945

Spy Game - Yalta

  • Active role play where pupils take on role of the secret services of Russia, USA and Britain at Yalta.

Britain 1905 - 1986

Bloody Sunday aftermath

  • Straightforward matching exercise - matching events that occurred post bloody sunday with the significance of those events.

Easter Rising: Were Republicans right or wrong?

  • Lesson plans and source documents. Research the evidence for the conflict. Create the courtroom drama in the class as individuals argue for and against the actions of those fighting in the conflict.

What makes a freedom fighter?

  • Were there freedom fighters in the Northern Ireland conflict? Discover some of the individuals who fought for their beliefs and decide whether the roles they played could be justified.

WW1 and female suffrage

  • Worksheet looking at the impact of women’s war work on their campaign for the vote.

Making your own Suffragette timeline

Votes for Women

Suffragettes: How did women get the vote?

  • Hold mock elections excluding girls and review the campaigns used by women to secure their vote.

The Representation of the People Act 1918

  • Why was the Act passed? What did it say?

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