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Resources shared by the Personal Finance Education Group

My Money toolkit to help teach personal finance

  • Series of lesson plans, activities and assembly ideas to tie in with My Money Week

My Money maths resources

  • The lesson plans cover: Economic understanding, Personal finance, Business terms, Wages, Taxes and Money Management.

Gambling: what’s your attitude?

  • By the end of this lesson pupils will: Consider their opinions about gambling and listen and recognise the views of others. Better understand the effects of problem gambling.

Careers in Sport

  • This activity outlines the range of jobs available in the sports industry, the qualifications, the salary and qualifications required.

My Money Mathematics Resources

  • Engaging teaching units that use personal finance as a stimulating context for mathematics.

My Money Week 2011 Secondary Activity Pack

  • Jam-packed with fun activities for class lessons and whole-school activities

Preparing for a Summer Camping Trip

  • The activities here are designed to help pupils think about the range of factors that can influence their spending choices.

The college game

  • This game has been designed to help pupils understand and practise budgeting for college.

My Money - Mathematics teacher handbook

  • This handbook is for teachers of mathematics to help them build personal finance education into schemes of work with key stage 3 and 4 learners.

More cross curricular resources from the Personal Finance Education Group

  • Pfeg is an independent charity helping schools to plan and teach personal finance relevant to students’ lives and needs.

More resources

Finance Maths

  • The UK debt quiz deals with large numbers and the percentage lessons cover all the KS3 Programme of Study outcomes in financial contexts.

Taxing and Spending – Is It Fair?

  • This lesson asks pupils to look at data on the tax takes from different income groups of the population.

Classroom Economic System

  • Maths skills/Functional Maths skills taught in this programme are: solving problems, making change, and using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with money.

Budgeting and Spending Board Game

  • The game involves decision making and risk taking regarding when to spend and when not to spend as you travel up the board paying for different things as you go.

Price is Right

  • Two games where the students are shown pictures of objects and they have to estimate the price of the whole basket.

Minted: Your guide to managing your money

  • This guide provides lots of helpful information about money management and how to approach it with your classes.

The Theatre Problem

  • The solution requires all four basic operations as well as problem-solving skills and knowledge of money.

Maths Starters – Shopping Mall

  • On location at a modern shopping mall, maths advisor and performer Isaac Anoom presents a selection of quick-fire starter questions for KS3 maths.

Using a Calculator Efficiently

  • Perfect for use with all types of interactive whiteboards.

Maths Rocket Project

  • Building water bottle rockets out of pop bottles is fun for everyone.

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