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Primary maths

Coin recognition and using decimal notation

Coin Matching

  • Match the coins requested by the shopkeeper. Two levels for differentiation.

Coins Investigation

  • Pupils find and record totals, exploring H, T and U and £p notation with notes and coins.

How Many Pennies?

  • Find the number of pennies that equal larger coins, using grouping strategies for counting.

Adding Coins

  • Move a selection of coins to the hand and add them up.

Working with Money

  • Worksheets using pennies as a unit.

Coin Addition

  • Simple worksheet with total amounts for children to make up in different coins in the space provided.

Working with Coins

  • Worksheets for coin matching and equivalent amounts for KS1.

Money Investigation

  • Worksheets - find different ways to make up the value of various coins, to £2.

Converting £ to p

  • Worksheet converting £ tp p, then p to £.


Saving Pocket Money

  • An activity to add coins to reach a target amount, finding the difference along the way. There are three levels for differentiation purposes.

Coin Problems

  • Visual interactive activities for solving money problems.

Money IWB activities

  • Screens for choosing coins to make various total amounts.

Calculator Money Problems

  • Notebook file to teach solving money problems and interpret the answer using a calculator.

Piggy Bank Money Problems

  • Which coins could be used to make up a given total amount?

Odd One Out Money Piles

  • Images of groups of coins for SEN or KS1 pupils – which pile adds up to a different amount to the others on each page?

How much money in my purse?

  • Worksheet to add up the coins in various purses, then find coins to make up target amounts for other purses.

Which is cheaper?

  • Differentiated worksheets with money problems to solve in context, including special offers to take into account.


Coin Dominoes

  • Coin picture domino cards to print off.

Coin Exchange

  • Activity/game boards to exchange coins for ones of higher value.

Snap Money Cards

  • Cards to print off to match amounts in coins and words.

Coin Collecting and Exchanging

  • Game board and cards, with 5-coin and 10-coin versions.

Double Your Money

  • A board game with 3 levels for differentiation.

Money - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

  • Money problem questions in the format of the TV gameshow, which increase in difficulty.

Treasure Hunt

  • A pirate-themed board game to collect and lose coins along the way. How many do you have at the end?

Pennies for the Peacock

  • Game cards for playing an adding coins game, for younger pupils.

Money Puzzle

  • Test thinking skills by choosing coins to complete the grid correctly.

Save the Princess

  • A board game where pupils have to earn and pay out money along the way.

Solve problems in context

Which Sweets Can I Buy?

  • An activity to match the value of coins to differently priced sweets. Challenge pupils to make up the total in different ways.

Present Buyer - Teaching version

  • Set the number of presents required and the budget. Ask pupils to suggest different ways to make the total.

Market Shopping – Buying Two

  • Pupils can work out doubling in a context of purchasing. How much do two pieces of fruit cost? Which coins would you use to pay for them?

Let’s Party – Money

  • Choose items from the shop, develop strategies for calculating and record amounts spent.

Adding Coins

  • Interactive activity to download, for pupils to select coins to match the price of various groceries.

Shops – for money work

  • Shops – for money work

Stamps and Coins

  • Worksheet where pupils find coins to pay for various stamps.

Cinema - Adding and subtracting money

  • Calculate change from £5, within a cinema theme.

Party Planning

  • Multiplying and dividing by 10 to plan spending within a budget – for upper KS2.

Teaching tools and printables

Coin Comparisons

  • Open-ended KS1 IWB tool for addition and subtraction problems with coins.

Money Facts

  • This site shows details and history of all British coins and notes, with a quiz and money activities for different ages and abilities.

Money in Pennies

  • Screens showing the amount of pennies that equal larger value coins.

Coin Numeracy Fans

  • Ideal for mental starters and games.

Coins Spinner

  • Spinner and arrow, with coin values, to print off and use for a range of games and investigations.

Coin Matching

  • Printables site with coins and notes in a variety of currencies.

Money Games and Coin Cards

  • Money problem resources and ideas for games.

Money Flash Cards 1p - £50

  • Images and names of British coins and notes.

How Pocket Money Began

  • A story about the history of money and place value, with related money activities.


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