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Songs, lyrics and music - from traditional nursery songs to classical choral music, there’s something for everyone on the TES Resources site! And all are available free. We’ve chosen a selection of resources to inspire your pupils - and save you time trawling through the internet!

Music samples

Tanbur Music Education Links

  • Interactive Music website links, to learn about instruments, composers and musical styles from around the world, with music samples.

Choir MP3s

  • 100 choral MP3s to listen to or download, including popular, classical, folk, jazz…

Call and Response and Echo Songs

  • A selection of ‘call and response’ and echo songs, some traditional and others by contemporary composers.

Three Songs

  • Songs from around the world, highlighting pitch and call and refrain. The video begins with simple vocal warm-up exercises.

Medieval Music

  • MP3 samples of medieval music, both sacred and secular. Useful for children to hear early music played on traditional instruments.

MP3s, Musical contexts

Free Music Resources - EY/KS1

  • A link to lots of children’s songs, in MP3 format, to download for free.

Chocolate.Eater has shared links to various children’s songs with vocal backing for children to sing along to:

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Happy Birthday

Humpty Dumpty

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

One Two Three Four Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar


Wizard of Oz lyrics

  • Lyrics for all the main songs from the film.

Minibeasts Songs and Rhymes

  • Lyrics to numerous simple songs, all about minibeasts.

Dinosaur Songs and Rhymes

  • Lyrics and suggested tunes for fun dinosaur songs, some with actions.

Children’s Songs

  • A collection of popular children’s song lyrics, with illustrations.

Colours of the Rainbow

  • Lyrics and MP3 file for a colours song - perfect to teach a KS1 class or for assembly.

‘Paintbox’ lyrics

  • Also known as ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’, here are illustrated lyrics to the popular children’s song.

Music Resources

  • Song lyrics for younger children, particularly useful for rhythm and beat.

‘God’s Colours’ and ‘All will Be Well’

  • Music MP3s and lyrics to two original songs, composed by a teacher in the Shetland Islands. These would link well with an RE or PSHE topic.

It’s Fun to be a Boy!

  • Get the boys singing! A fun song, with lyrics, sheet music and a link to video, to encourage boys to sing.

Seaside Songs

  • Lyrics for a selection of seaside songs.

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