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Stimuli, activities and lesson plans for pupils’ musical composition, as well as graphic scoring and stave notation lessons.

Primary Music - composing

Animal Tunes

  • An activity for EY and KS1 pupils to explore pattern and beat. Create a sequence of animal sounds to make a tune.

Humpty Compose

  • KS1 pupils experiment with different instrument sounds and make a sequence to create a 2-part tune.

Touchscreen Piano

  • A simple virtual keyboard to play, with note names.

Music Sequences

  • Choose instruments to represent different movements for Dewi the Dragon, then order these into a sequence and perform.

Music Beats

  • A series of flash animations taking you through counting beats, clapping beats to the introduction of musical notation. Uses a square for 4 beats and a triangle for 3 beats, gradually adding half then quarter beats.

Sound Junction

  • Aimed at older children, free online tools to compose music. Also get inspiration from video demos of different instruments from around the world, and listen to around 300 pieces of music from across music history.

An Introduction to Improvising

  • Pupils discuss musical elements and improvise within small groups to reflect an image/scenario.

Harry Potter Ostinato

  • Pupils compose a six layer ostinato using the character names from Harry Potter.

A Day in the Life of a Raindrop

  • A hydrological story of Ronnie the Raindrop to inspire pupils to compose music to fit different stages of his journey.

Composition Task: Sweet Machine

  • For KS2, pupils work in groups to invent their own sweet and compose a piece of music that describes the sounds of the machine as the sweet is made.

Composition: Seascape

  • The task is to create a piece of music, using vocal sounds only, to portray the sounds of the sea, using Mendelsohn’s Fingal’s Cave as inspiration.

The Planets Suite

  • A series of notebook files to analyse musical elements and compose versions of ‘The Planets Suite’, based on descriptions of the Planets by the Romans.

Rainforest Compositions in Music

  • Children work in small groups to create a plant lifecycle musical composition. Suitable for years 3 and 4.

Rainstorms - composing music

  • Children use text as a starting point for a musical composition. Using their own instruments, they compose, record and perform their own music in groups.

Graphic Scores

  • Background information on graphic scores, together with a template for children to use.

Melody sort

  • Different 4-bar phrases, to re-order into different combinations. Great as a starting point for pupils’ own compositions.

Minibeast music

  • Composing music as a group, with minibeasts making up the graphic score.

Music Composition Programs

  • DTwo music composition programs, using instrument sounds or crotchet notes on a stave.

Indian Talas

  • Compose simple Indian talas. Here are examples of 4, 7 and 8-beat talas and grids for compositions.

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