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TES resource collection - Primary Music top 20

Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected byTES Primary adviser, Sara Carroll.

20 of the best music resources for EYFS and Primary teachers, all available free through TES.

The following resources introduce musical instruments in a variety of ways:

Music Challenge Cards - EY/KS1

  • Cards with a series of challenges, designed for independent use by children with a box of instruments.

Interactive Music Keyboard - EY/KS1/KS2

  • Pupils can play the virtual keyboard, choosing from a variety of instrumental sounds.

What music would you like to make? KS2

  • Aimed at lower KS2 pupils, this lesson plan gets pupils to design and make a simple musical instrument then take part in a group performance.

Touchscreen piano

  • An octave and a half of keyboard for the interactive whiteboard, to show note sounds, names and relationships.

Musical Instrument photo cards - EY/KS1

  • Cards with photos and names of instruments for display or labelling.

This set of resources all help pupils with listening to and appraising music:

Blob Chorus - KS1/KS2

  • This is a brilliant game that trains pupils’ ears to match particular notes sung by the Blob Chorus. Choose the wrong Blob’s note and he explodes - great fun!

Appraising Music - KS1/2

  • Extracts of music with questions for pupils to answer, in regard to voices and instruments, pace, elements, texture and musical vocabulary.

Peter and the Wolf

  • A simple starting point to link the animals in Peter and the Wolf to the instruments used to represent them in the music. Suitable for KS1 and lower KS2.

The resources below link to Music lesson plans:

Music Scheme of Work - EY/KS1

  • An alternative scheme of work for music, based on the QCA units.

Carnival of the Animals - KS1/KS2

  • A creative and potentially cross-curricular 5 week plan related to the popular Carnival of the Animals suite of music. Suitable for KS1 and lower KS2.

Global Music Lesson Plans - KS1/2

  • Music lesson plans from Oxfam, featuring a range of world music, categorised by age range.

The following resources focus on composition and/or performing:

Animal Tunes - EY

  • Select animals and place along the composing line, then play back the tune. Useful to encourage children to make patterns with the sounds.

Humpty Compose - EY

  • Experiment with different sounds and make a sequence. Encourage children to experiment with different patterns and then to try out their compositions using real instruments.

Exploring Emotions through Music - EY

  • This lesson introduces younger pupils to the idea of expressing emotions through music, in both lyrics and expression.

Music Composition - KS1/KS2

  • Two simple, interactive, music composition programmes. Drag down the instruments or notes to compose tunes.

Keyboard Card - KS2

  • A simple but useful card showing an octave of a keyboard with note names.

These links provide songs and/or music for your lessons:

Happy Birthday and other Songs - EY/KS1

  • This site has many children’s songs sung in a clear voice, to act as a backing track on the IWB for the class to sing along to.

Free Music Resources - EY/KS1

  • This website features lots of children’s songs in mp3 format to download for free.

Noah - KS1

  • Six songs, with lyrics and teaching notes, following the story of Noah. Each track has a choice of playback options to tailor it to your needs.

Music Resources - EY/KS1

  • Song lyrics and musical activities to encourage children to find their voices.