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Secondary Citizenship - Native cultures

This month’s collection has a number of focuses. We have Refugee Week (20th-26th June) and the Gateway to Nations festival which is the official New York City Native American Heritage celebration. To help you look at Native American culture there are resources that examine different Native American symbols and provide a cool ‘Top Trumps’ game for students to play. With regards to refugee week we have a number of videos provided by Teacher’s TV amongst a wide selection of the usual teaching activities.

Work and employment

Living it - Refugees

  • A Youth Group session that could easily be adapted for use in schools.


  • The aim of this activity is to allow children to understand the recurring common theme of migration through human history.

Refugee week

  • Learn about the lives of Burmese refugees living in Thailand, with some great first hand resources! From the Thai Children’s Trust.

Unit 3 - Human rights

  • A basic lesson plan to start thinking about human rights.

My World, My Democracy

  • Three inspiring stories from young people. A Teachers TV video.

Refugee Kids

  • A look at refugee and asylum-seeking children’s life stories.

Quotations from Native American sources

  • A mass of Native American quotations!

Native American Haida symbols.

  • An array of resources introducing students to Native American symbols. Included are worksheets to help students design their own symbol, an introductory Power Point and a cool Top Trumps game!

Global Issues

  • Teaching KS3 citizenship using Comic Relief resources. Can a charity based on comedy help teach children important lessons on values and human rights?

Native North Americans

  • This lesson asks pupils to investigate the early contact between Europeans and Native Americans.

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