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Ideas for outdoor learning

A series of resources collections full of ideas and inspirations for outdoor learning for Primary and Early Years - Each collection contains teaching ideas and pupil activities, reviewed and recommended by teachers for teachers. Find Geography, Maths, English and Science resources, plus many more creative ideas for cross-curricular learning.

Early Years outdoor play

Outdoor fun in the Early Years

  • Activities and games for outdoor play

The Books of Julia Donaldson

  • Stories to inspire creative outdoor activities

Song, rhymes and lyrics

  • the best song collection for Early Years ever

Collections for resources for creative outdoor learning at Primary school

Pattern in art – Primary Art

  • Take inspiration from both natural patterns and man-made designs

Local study – Primary Geography

  • Materials to support learning about your local area

Environmental Issues – Primary Geography

  • Lesson plans, interactive games, quizzes and worksheets, focussing on climate change, energy-efficiency, recycling and transport.

English, Maths and Science resources to support learning outside

English– collections of Primary English resources

Explanation texts – a TESiboard collection of whiteboard activities

  • Non-fiction texts about animals and plants

Information texts – a TESiboard collection of whiteboard activities

  • Non-fiction texts about mammals & birds, minibeasts, reptiles & amphibians, plants & trees

Maths– collections of Primary Maths resources

Capacity - a TESiboard collection of whiteboard activities

  • Try these whiteboard activities when preparing for outside maths sessions exploring capacity with water etc.

Data handling

  • Perfect ideas for maths skills to be applied in outdoor learning projects

Position, direction and movement - a TESiboard collection of whiteboard activities

  • A great maths learning topic for outdoors, use these whiteboard activities before and after going outside

Position, direction and movement

  • Great maths learning topic for outdoors. A collection of teacher shared materials to support this

Shape and space KS1

  • Another great maths learning topic for exploring the world around us

Shape and space KS2

  • Take your class outside for maths learning in action. Great maths learning topic for outdoors.

Science– collections of Primary Science resources


  • Resources providing all sorts of details about our feathered friends, with various bird-related activities and ideas.

Earth Sun Moon

  • Space, planets and solar activities, IWB, worksheets and planning resources

Food chains

  • Animals and plants need each other to survive. A simple enough premise, but how do we teach about the web of life?


  • Here are resources to help you plan and to inspire your pupils to discuss, explore and experiment


  • Biology and ecology activities, interactive whiteboards, planning and photos.

Material properties

  • Resources to kick-start a unit on materials, focusing on their uses, qualities and behaviour


  • Minibeast games, activities, displays, posters, worksheets and plans


  • Lesson plans, interactive screens and exciting practical activities

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