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Primary art - Pattern in art

Pattern is a recurring theme in the Primary Art curriculum, across both key stages. Artists (both established and emerging!) can take inspiration from both natural patterns and man-made designs. Pattern also, of course, plays an important part in the maths curriculum, allowing cross-curricular linking.

Lesson plans

Investigating Patterns

  • A medium term plan for KS2 children to make artwork using repeating patterns.

KS2 Pattern

  • Lesson plans and multiple resources showing patterns in nature and textiles, together with examples of line symmetry and tessellation.

Resources to show examples of patterns


  • An introductory Powerpoint to show the patterns that exist all around us.

Patterns in nature

  • A slideshow of patterns found in nature, for children to draw inspiration from.

Animal patterns

  • For younger children, close-ups of skin patterns of African animals, the whole animal being revealed on the following slide.

To produce beautiful repeating patterns with KS1 pupils, try this.

Art & ICT

  • A brilliant step-by-step guide to making repeating patterns using 2simple software ‘2paint a picture’.


TESiboard have created several interactive resources for KS1 that combine pattern-making with ICT skills. They were developed to meet objectives in the Maths curriculum but the creative teacher might find them useful to introduce repeating patterns and symmetry in design, perhaps before beginning a practical project.

Cube Patterns

  • Can pupils use a sequence of colours to make a pattern? How did pupils’ patterns differ using the same colours?

Flag Maker

  • Design a flag, using 4 colours and a choice of grid sizes. Pupils can design multiple flags which can be viewed side by side – to prompt comparison of design success and to discuss symmetry.

Pattern Making with Shapes

  • Aimed at younger children or SEN pupils, with on-screen tools to manipulate shapes.