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Resources to inspire lessons on various styles of dance, movement and expression for secondary PE lessons, as well as material for display, assessment and planning all shared by teachers on TES.

Dance for Secondary pupils


Dance images

  • Some images of dancing for ideas and inspiration, or classroom display.

Dance cube

  • Dance cube hand out suitable for individual work in dance or as an introductory lesson.

GCSE dance

  • These resources containing ideas on 4 areas of Laban’s analysis table - action, space, dynamics and relationships.

Choreography help sheet

  • A worksheet designed to help students begin choreography projects. It includes space to write down initial ideas, choice of music and movements.

Dance styles

Styles of dance

  • An introduction or useful hand out for dance lessons, looking at a background of different dances and the categories they belong to.

Bollywood dance

  • Some ideas and dance steps made easy for anyone who wants to approach this exciting style of dance.

BTEC Jazz - assignment brief

  • Jazz assignment brief with accompanying syncopation worksheet.

Jazz dance and relationship with music

  • Worksheet and material to use for BTEC Jazz, with teacher answer sheet.

Haka jigsaw learning cards

  • A set of cards that can be used to allow pupils to teach themselves the Ka Mate Haka.

Chinese dance

  • Video of Chinese dance useful as a starter or introduction to different cultures and their dancing styles.

Dance accompaniment worksheet

  • A worksheet for pupils to chart different types of accompaniment & their contribution to dance.

Planning & assessment

BTEC Dance - unit of work

  • A useful starting point for teaching BTEC Dance first certificate, also as reference material suitable for other areas of dance teaching.

Dance peer assessment check sheet

  • Use during the teaching of any dance for pupils to peer assess and level work using the descriptors.

Performance skills worksheet (doc, 11 - 16+)

  • Lesson starter and worksheet on performance skills, both artistic and technical.

KS3 Dance peer assessment

  • A simple evaluation sheet to help students identify positive points in each other’s work and what can be improved.

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