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Primary Physical Education - Team Games

Team games require more than knowledge of the rules and a willingness to join in: these resources introduce the individual skills needed, such as catching, throwing, aiming and playing as a team. Also included are plans for invasion and team games. Invaluable - particularly for the non-PE-specialists amongst us!

Skills and Technioques

Catching a ball

  • The purpose of this lesson is to introduce young pupils to the skills of aiming, sending and receiving a ball.

Kick that ball

  • The purpose of this lesson is to introduce young pupils to the skills of sending, receiving, striking and travelling with a ball.

Fundamental Movement, Exercises and Assessment

  • A series of lessons for fundamental movements, e.g. kick, catch, overarm throw, leap, hop, skip, with images.

Soccer drills

  • Each drill comes with diagrams and clear instructions. All the games and activities are easily adaptable to use in the teaching of other invasion games such as hockey, rugby or basketball.

Cricket drills

  • Some games to teach skills useful for cricket.

Serving in Volleyball

  • Coaching card resource to teach the serve.

Dig in Volleyball

  • Coaching card to teach the dig.

Delios has contributed multi-skill cards of games that introduce various skills for KS1 pupils:

Throwing accuracy

Dodging skills

Advancing towards a target

Dribbling Skills (with a Hockey stick)

Aiming for goal

Ball skills -travelling, throwing, catching

Rolling to hit a target

Dodging skills and following rules

Team relay

Playing as a team - Feeder, striker, goalie, fetcher

Judging distance

Team Games

Physical Activities and Games

  • An American site of activities and games for primary students – great for ideas and inspiration.

African Ball Games

  • Why not try something different in your Games lesson? This resource offers a range of games originating in Africa, with full instructions and an image of children playing each game.

Netball Scheme

  • These plans are aimed at Year 6 but can be adapted for other year groups.

Cricket Scheme of Work

  • Scheme of Work for Cricket in Year 6.

Rugby Level Descriptors

  • Assessment posters for KS2 / 3.

PE Lesson Ideas

  • Lesson ideas for Basketball, Badminton, Vaulting and Netball.

Introductory Sessions for Basketball, Tag Rugby and Kwik Cricket

  • Plans for lessons to introduce the skills needed for these team games.

Fun Outdoor Games for PE

  • Plans for a variety of invasion/dodging games, with diagrams.

Rounders Planning

  • Created for year 5 as an introduction to Rounders.

Team Building Games

  • Team building games split into communication, problem-solving and physical challenge games - a bit like the Crystal Maze!

TES Primary KS1 PE teaching resources

TES Primary KS2 PE teaching resources