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Activities, games, songs, puzzles and quizzes… all great for engaging pupils and embedding those important first bits of German language. If you have Primary German resources you would like to add to this collection email resources@tes.co.uk

Germany Quiz

  • A multiple choice quiz - ideal to introduce Germany to pupils.

Germany Introduction

  • A video with photos and information about Germany, a PowerPoint on greetings and a true/false quiz.

German Phonics

  • Use this lesson to teach the key sounds in German.

Snakes and Ladders

  • A game template to add in your own vocabulary pictures.

Die Zahlen

  • Flash cards for numbers 1-20, originally developed for SEN pupils.

Numbers 1-100

  • A presentation to teach German numbers, showing how the words are built.

German Colours

  • A German colours worksheet.

Wie feierst du deinen Geburtstag?

  • A PowerPoint and activities for German beginners, on the topic of celebrating birthdays, including a link to the Happy Birthday song in German!

Months, Birthdays and Numbers

  • An excellent series of German lessons, with instructions for each activity.

My Family

  • Screens to introduce names for immediate and extended family.

Zoo Project

  • A workbook and set of resources to learn animal vocabulary.


  • Interactive vocabulary games to learn adjectives.

Ich esse/Ich trinke

  • A lesson on what you might eat and drink at lunch or break time.

The Three Little Pigs

  • The traditional tale in German, so children can use pictures from a well-known story as cues for the language.

Wie hießt du? Karaoke song

  • Sing along to this catchy tune to learn introductions, names and family members!

German / English jigsaw puzzle

  • Match the basic words and phrases together for a fun activity.

MFL Assessment Sheet

  • Assessment sheet to level children against the four attainment targets and level descriptors.

Questions Board Game

  • Review of questions and answers relating to family, pets and descriptions. Easily adaptable for another language!

German colours wordsearch

  • Find the colours in German and then work out the hidden sentence.

Months of the Year - Word Search

  • Do you know the months of the year in German? Test yourself with this interactive word search.

Timetable Game - German

  • Whole class game on the SmartBoard, reviewing school subjects, days of the week and time.

Wenn Blockbusters

  • A team game. To win a point, students must throw two dice and then create a ‘wenn’ sentence from the pictures at the side of the board.

German / English jigsaw puzzle

  • A great jigsaw puzzle, matching basic German and English words together.

Penalty Shootout Template - German Plenary/Starter

  • Use this quiz template as a fun plenary or starter or mini-plenary for your students.

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