TES collection - Primary Maths - Shape and space - KS2


Primary Maths - Shape and Space KS2

Shape and Space is a huge area of the maths curriculum, encompassing some important skills that also carry over to many other areas, such as D&T, Art, Geography and ICT. Luckily our amazing community of teachers have shared lots of resources to save you time and help get those vital concepts across.

Shape Bingo

  • Game cards and definitions for shape bingo, to revise the properties of common 2D and 3D shapes for lower KS2.

Shape Definitions

  • Pupil workbooks with cloze and labelling activities to teach shape vocabulary.

Symmetry Along a Mirror Line

  • For lower KS2, pupils complete the shape outlines, using knowledge of reflective symmetry.

Line Symmetry

  • Two worksheets for pupils to draw lines of symmetry on shapes and letters of the alphabet.

Reflective Symmetry

  • Worksheet for children to shade in blocks to complete the symmetrical patterns.

Islamic Art and Shape

  • A fascinating booklet showing the cultural importance of shape and drawing links between maths, art and RE. Activities include making nets and constructing Islamic-style repeating patterns.

The Collaborative Learning Project develops resources to support talk for learning. Here are two on Shape:

Shape - Team Game

  • An interactive multiple-choice quiz on shape properties. Originally developed for EAL pupils.

More Shape Monsters

  • A connect four game for pupils to decide which shapes could make up the outlines of monsters.

Co-ordinates and Shapes

  • Shapes plotted on a first quadrant grid with related questions.

Strictly Translation Dance Steps

  • A fun way for pupils to apply and record translations, by moving foot shapes to make up dance moves.


  • Lesson plans, activities and worksheets on tessellation and tiling for upper KS2.

Names of Polygons

  • Ever been asked what the name of a 32-sided polygon is? Well, you can now have the answer ready as this resource lists the names and angles of polygons up to 100 sides!


  • This useful site shows paper models of polyhedra, together with clear diagrams of their nets.


  • A brilliant, versatile tool to explore reflection of shapes on a grid, with optional on-screen protractor.

The Shape Show

  • A look at the properties of shapes, with engaging ideas and animations. Includes a sequence on how the world would be without 4-sided shapes!

Shape and Space Investigation

  • An open-ended investigation focussing on the formula for the perimeter of a shape.

TESiboard have developed lots of interactive shape and space activities, to help you explain important concepts and for pupils to have fun whilst learning. Here is a selection:

Pizza Symmetry Tool

  • Choose a line of symmetry and drag toppings onto the pizza.

Pizza Symmetry Game

  • Once you’ve demonstrated the concept with Pizza Symmetry Tool, pupils can play this companion game independently.

Symmetry and Area Invaders

  • Design symmetrical ‘space invader’ characters then play a game with them!

Shape Rotator

  • A great interactive tool to rotate shapes and discuss line symmetry.


  • Pupils program in instructions to help the chameleon catch all the flies by choosing the right direction and judging the correct ‘lick’ distance.

Controlling Round a Route

  • Ask pupils to guide the rocket, snail or shark to various places on the grid. Introduce simple gird references.